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I’m getting ready to come at ya with a whole lot of random, but first things first; I think little mr. is going to be Luke Jonathan.  It was the first boy name that Erick threw out; we both really liked it, but then filed it away in the back of our minds and ran threw a slew of other options.  But he feels like a Luke to me; no promises it’ll stay that way though!

Erick has been off of Lipitor a few days and seems to feel much better; at least he looks better!  Our ultimate goal is to get him off all meds; he has done a ton of research and turns out there are other (non-prescription/non side-effect) alternatives to what he is taking.  We’ll take those ideas to our naturopath; our next step is to work with him and see if he knows of an MD and Cardiologist that would be alright with weaning him off the meds.  In the meantime, we’ve gotten some great suggestions from friends, and can I say that I LOVE our nurse ladies?  We are surrounded by nurse friends, near and far, who have been SUPER resources.  You guys have been AMAZING and we can’t thank you enough for your care and advice!  Who needs doctors anyway, haha!

One reason we want to get him off all meds is because he feels like he’s in (in his words) a “medication fog”.  He naps…quite a bit.  Even through his boy’s crazy antics; they want to be near him regardless if he is sleeping or not!

wake up, daddy!

Ok, so they prefer him when he is awake.  🙂  And pay no attention to the room decor; just haven’t tackled it yet!

Speaking of room decor, I’m almost done with our living room…for the moment.  I have a mantle project to complete, two pictures to hang on the wall, and two lamps to buy.  But here is a little sneak peak at a corner or two; right now we are all about color.  But I have another theme in mind!  I already have it pictured; I’m sure as soon as I wrap this room up I’ll probably start all over again!

I need to move the mirror up over the chair rail; that might happen.  Someday.

One of my changes will be recliner-related; I’ve had to kind of make them work into the scheme…or rather, make the scheme work around them.  Advantages?  They were a) free and they are b) comfortable.  But they are hard to keep clean, a little bit too big for our room, and…yellow.  But ya gotta work with what you’ve got!  I painted the little picture above; during a Compassion Sunday at our church, Grant Norsworthy mentioned a group of women and kids who lived together in a room (singular) in Africa, and Yesu Ana To Sha was scribbled on the wall.  It means “Jesus Is Enough”.  Period.  Decor is fun, but ultimately doesn’t fit into the grand scheme!  But Jesus; He’ll always be enough.

It’s been a beautiful day today!  We got outside to do some yardwork; my word, we have a slew of it to do.  I tried to dig up our front yard (if you can call it that); there are some plants that pop up every year, and while they look nice, they are awfully hard to maintain.  The yard is so tiny that we’d like to grass it over and add a little picket fence that we can pull up during the winter and put back down during the spring.

The sides of the house are awful; we have so much to cut down and dig up.  It was my goal this year, but between a pregnant mama and a husband who can’t involve himself in much physical activity, it might just remain an eyesore for another year.

Erick was, however, able to break in our new pressure washer and tackle our siding.  Seeing as though he just has to stand still and hold a hose, it made him happy!  That’s something he can handle!

My word, I could go on and on with this post!  But hungry family beckons.  I think I’ll get to another one before the week is out.

Goodbye from mama, and (maybe, quite possibly) Luke!