Little happy glimpses into my week!

$15 dollar insulated tote at TJMaxx=Diaper Bag for little mister.

we woke up to new water stains on the ceiling last Sunday; word got out and our incredible friend Zech came and spent Sunday afternoon water-proofing our leaky roof. You are awesome Zech. Happiness!

I cleaned our room this week; I tend to pick up the rest of the house and leave our room to be overtaken by dust bunnies; I actually took pictures this time to have some decent “before” shots once I finally make-over this room.  But you know what?  Cleanliness=Happiness.  Yeah, we’re still stuck in the 70s, but at least it’s clean 70’s.  Avocado paneling, harvest gold curtains and all.

No pictures of yesterday, but a fun report!  Have you been introduced to Groupon or LivingSocial yet?  Over the past few months, mom and I have been saving some deals; and we used them all yesterday.  Not intentionally; it just happened…so we had a great day for very little money!  Mom, Dad and I hit the road and Dad dropped us off at Jade Integrated Health for 60% off massages.  Heaven.  My lower back was bothering me big time; Nancy fixed me right up.  An hour-long massage?  I could have one every week!

THEN we went to Stoneyfield Cafe; mom had purchased a $7 dollar for $14 worth of food deal, so we had a great lunch.  For my birthday she had purchased a $10 for $20 for art supplies at the Art Mart, so I grabbed some paint and brushes, then I used a $7 for $14 worth of coffee and pastries deal at Cambridge Coffee House and we all had a nice drink and dessert.  To top it off, it was a beautiful day; downtown Portland was hopping with foot traffic.  Glimpses of summer…LOVE it.  And since we’ve been purchasing the deals here and there for a few months; hardly any money exchanged hands yesterday; it was all prepaid and half price to boot!  {Happiness}

Here’s a happy report/big time prayer request…Erick graduates with his Master’s Degree on May 7th.  *2 weeks from today*.  He defends his portfolio before the Education board next Wednesday, but because of all the health drama, he still has a ton of catching up to do.  It’s going to be an intense few days.  After Wednesday, he has a major paper to write and turn in.  He can have the option of a 10 day extension to get the paper turned in, but we’d all love it if once he walks across the stage, he’s finished!  It’s been a LONG HAUL, people!

So happiness for endings, prayer that his stress levels would be miraculously minimal, because stress affects his heart big time these days.

this little man had a great check up this week. measuring fine, all is well. other than heartburn and completely sleepless nights...he does make me happy!

One more bit of joy; love this song.  Happy Easter, friends!