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I think, for the first time in my recollection, that I missed an Easter Sunday at church.  BIG TIME bummer, because it’s always one of my favorite services.  We had our clothes laid out; were going to take the annual pictures…had it all planned, then I had a MAJOR sinus attack Saturday night.  Headache, can’t breathe, can’t sleep, swollen face, complete mess.  When the boys woke up Sunday morning sneezing as well…I decided to keep them home too; no use spreading the love.  Erick felt well and was able to attend; lucky duck!  It’s Monday morning and I’m still congested, but I’m working on a therapy that I think is kicking it’s tail; if I’m well tomorrow I’m going to share the secret!  Last time I had these symptoms I was socked in for a full two weeks.  So I’m working on ridding myself of this junk, big time. I’ve been doing the same thing for the boys and I haven’t heard a sneeze today.  Thank goodness.

Even though we weren’t able to attend the service, we did pop over to Papa and Nonnies and have an Easter Egg hunt.  I love their enthusiasm for such things; makes me want to do it over and over!   I think we’ll have some kind of treasure hunt occasionally; for my benefit; so I can enjoy their reactions. 🙂

Woo!  Baby’s moving; I’ve really been able to interact with him more than Ry and Jack; it seems that I can feel his little parts better than I could the first couple of times around.  I think I’ve high fived him a few times.  I’m 25 weeks right now; past the halfway point; I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager to meet anybody!  Other than the last two times! 😉

Here are some pics from yesterday, belly as well.  I love the family picture minus the fact that I wasn’t looking at the camera, which was fine anyway because I wasn’t looking too hot anyway, allergy ridden and all.

this is a "please, ryan, can you please share your eggs with me?" picture. so is the next one; Ry likes to savor just like I do...Jack bullies through and stuffs the candy in his mouth, no delay. then goes begging for more, haha.

And honestly?  Ryan usually shares.  He’s such a good big brother.  The next picture is of him talking to my Grandma; his Nana.  Ryan LOVES to talk.  Beware; he can keep you in conversation for hours.  No lie.  The latest conversation he had with Erick’s dad; it was mortifying and hilarious all at once.  He mentioned Papa (my dad) and for some reason said “Yeah, he’s 60, which is old…but not as old as you!  He still has all his teeth!!”  (FYI, my dad is actually a couple of months older than Erick’s dad).  I think Grampy took it just fine, though.  Thank heavens!

This last picture?  It’s in front of mom and dad’s car…which they might be saying goodbye to this week (trading it in on a newer version).  It’s a 96 Camry.  It still runs smooth as silk, but is falling apart in other ways (missing 3 hubcaps, windows don’t work great, one door won’t open, car handle broke off…essentially, the body is falling apart while the engine is still purring.  They are ready for something new, though.)  This is why we are a Toyota family…check out that mileage!

Alright, time to get this day rolling.  Hope you all had a blessed, healthy Easter!