Whew!  I told you in my post this morning that I’d share my secret tomorrow if it worked…and it’s already done such a great job that I’m going to share right now! (And Deb, the neti pot is my old friend.  Haha!)

Vitamin C.  TONS of it…no chewable here or there.  Overload, baby.  In the last 36ish hours I’ve probably had 30,000 mg of vitamin c (RDA is 100mg…) and it has KNOCKED this junk.  I’m not completely over it yet (this afternoon I still have a bit of a stuffy nose), but I am so much better than when I woke up this morning and it’s amazing; I’ve never had sinus issues come and go so quickly.  I’ve been reading about Vitamin C Therapy on the net, and y’all, this is some seriously good stuff.  We are actually going to make it apart of our *daily* life; we do get a bit in everyday through multivitamins, but I’m so convinced that this is a good thing that I just went and bought a 3 pound container of vitamin c powder!  3 pounds!  I’ve always taken C during an illness, but never this much in one fell swoop, and I can certainly tell a difference.

One of the resources that has a WEALTH of information (not just on C, but that is a huge part of it) is www.doctoryourself.com.  My measly 25,000mg doesn’t even touch the 250,000mg a day some people take for different illnesses, etc.  Contrary to what you may have heard (I actually have *never* heard this, but I guess some people have) there is no danger of overload; if you DO push your limits, you will feel it in your…erm…bowels. 🙂  So you just start small and keep going until you meet your threshold.  The author, Andrew Saul, is a wonderful writer and actually quite entertaining!

I hadn’t mentioned this to many people, but one reason that I have confidence that this works?  When Erick was sick, the boys, turned out, had strep also.  But it was in their intestines.  Yeah.  That’s when I went to seek out our new N.D., and he suggested mega high doses of vitamin c, probiotics, and spices (cinnamon, etc) before we tried the antibiotic route; and guess what; it worked!  The doc on the website mentioned above gave his kids large doses of vit c from infancy, and they never needed an antibiotic.  The site is full of compelling evidence that this works, and he has numerous articles on other vitamin therapy for different illnesses. For this natural gal, it’s a goldmine of information.  The story of how he got into natural healing instead of going the M.D. route can be found here; it’s a good read.

So check out the site if you are interested; this kind of stuff excites me to no end.  The left hand side of the website lists different illnesses/therapies, etc. The ones specifically on C are really interesting but there is so much more. I guarantee you’ll find something of benefit!  AND if you are a local, I visited New Leaf Naturals in Pittsfield for the first time today and was incredibly impressed.  Steve spent a good 30 minutes with me; gave me a great deal on the C and some vitamins for the kids, sent me home with some samples for Erick; he was really very nice and down to earth.  Also…he spent 7 years on heart medication but is now completely off due to the advice of an N.D…and has never been healthier.  That gives me great hope for my hubby!