It’s beautiful today!  I should be out doing yard work! But my back won’t cooperate; any hints/tricks up the sleeve for pregnancy back pain?  Good grief!  I’m going to have to call my chiropractor tomorrow, probably have to find a doc who will refer a visit {insuranceredtape} and see if I can’t get a few cracks in for good measure.  I can’t make it until August feeling like I’m about to keel over…don’t know if it’s the 3rd child or the 30’s that makes this pregnancy a whole different ballgame…

On the GOOD news front though…my whole Vitamin C regimen?  I was interested to see how church would play out today; I’m allergic to *something* at church and usually end up pretty miserable for the rest of the day after services.  I knew that today would be a double whammy because of the Easter Lilies that were probably left over (those lilies are NOT my friends!)  So this morning I took a spoonful of powder before services and one right after.  No problems, lilies and all!  Maybe it was a fluke, but this is the first non-sneezy Sunday I’ve had in a long time.  This is what I’ve been using…

Today marks day number 3 of the season that I’ve worn sandals.  That’s my kind of weather!

I took my sandal-ed feet and went to the grocery store; where I ran into dad…and we followed each other home (easy to do when you live a house away!)  It’s so pretty outside that he said he’d love to come take the boys for a walk.  My boys have very good men in their little lives.  Very good men!

I was looking through pictures on the computer, and had to laugh when I remembered these; someone was…eager to finish his meal?  I don’t know.  So I grabbed the camera and then then said “young man!  a fork would be nice!”  Geesh.  I have monkeys in my house!

This is a picture of my Erick…working on the very last paper of his degree!  He defended his Master’s portfolio and passed with flying colors last Wednesday.  One more paper to write this week, and he graduates on Saturday.  That will be a blog post for sure!

And this kid; let me tell you a story.  I always figured that Ryan would be the conversationalist; the one who would try to use his words to get his point across.  (Which he does!)  I always thought Jack, on the other hand, would just try to use his charm to get his way, but he has started to become quite the convincing talker himself.

A few days ago when they were up and at ’em early, it was a little chilly outside.  Jack detests wearing a coat so I think we both knew a battle would ensue, so he hops on it first.

“Mommy, do you know what a hypothesis is?”

(Stunned mommy, hearing that come from her 4 year old…)  “Well, what is it Jack?”

“A hypothesis is something that you think.  And MY hypothesis is that it is NOT cold outside”.

They keep me on my toes, that’s for sure!