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Oh ya’ll I’m just so thrilled; Will is doing amazingly better; thank you for praying!  And please continue to do so! Keep Erick in your prayers as well; it’s just a long ol’ recovery process all the way around.  He graduates tomorrow, as if I haven’t mentioned that enough. 🙂  He still has one more paper; hoping he can get a good bit written today, but if all else fails, he will be completely finished with his Master’s work by next week.  Glory, Hallelujah!  It’s been a long haul!

Took a few more instagram pics this week, just playing around.  The get ‘er done bug has bit again and we started work in the dining room yesterday.  I scraped wallpaper in the entryway and living room and repainted…but the dining room was a different story!  For some reason the glue on the last layer was horrendous; nothing doing trying to get it off.  So it was either take down the plaster and drywall, or drywall over plaster…none of which was appealing!  Even though it went against my grain, I decided to settle on thick, paintable wallpaper. *SIGH*  But I’m actually LOVING it.  Mom came and, well, did the majority of it; so much of wallpapering is bending over, getting on the floor, up on ladders; all of which this pregnant body finds very hard to do!  So big thanks to a hard working momma!  It’s 95% her effort and 5% mine!  Anyway, see the orange?  That’s the glue…very rough glue.

This is what a corner of the before looks like (that’s the last layer of wallpaper, we are just going right over it)

And here it is now; pre-paint.  I’m going to go ahead and cover it in the same white that we have in our living room.  Although I wasn’t crazy about the beadboard option, what I DID like was that you can’t see the seams at ALL; the biggest thing that bothers me about wallpaper.  This wallpaper covers all of the imperfections beautifully; and boy do we have alot of them!  Best thing is I went with a discount outlet that buys up big batches of quality wallpaper, and it’s going to cover the entire room for…$80!  And that was including shipping!!  Most quality rolls of paper are $60 per roll…and I bought 5 rolls.  Yay for saving money!

One wall down, three to go.  Can’t wait until it’s done. 🙂

I bought a 4 dollar vinyl tablecloth this week to take the place of our red cloth one when it’s in the wash.  Although vinyl screams more “outdoor picnic” then “indoor dining” to me…I think I’m willing to sacrifice in the decor arena, especially with my messy kiddos!  Love wiping this thing off, especially when I have a boy named Jack!

Ryan is as clean as can be, but the above picture was Jack, pre-mess.  I also thought the color went very well with my coffee…so I’m definitely pleased with my purchase! 🙂

And I’m also working on a fun craft; can’t wait to show you the final result.  I just looovveeee color.  Makes my heart happy.

Happy Friday friends!  Have a GREAT weekend!!