Beautiful Day!  After church we took a picnic to the park in Belfast; nothing like Route 1 and Salt Air.  Came home and Erick dipped some strawberries in chocolate, my one request. 🙂 Saw on the forecast that we are going to hit the 70’s this week; can’t ask for anything better than that! What a gift!

The boys picked dandelions for us, couldn’t ask for anything better.

This is my favorite picture; taken on Saturday.  The boys have been giving me spontaneous hugs and kisses ALL THE TIME lately.  They have always been cuddlers but it’s been amped up a notch; I’m not complaining!  I’ll take everything I can get!

Jack just woke up; came into the living room all bleary eyed and bed-headed with a big grin and hopped into my lap to be all lovely dovey for awhile.  I love this job. 🙂