One of my favorite things about our living room?  The windows that open up to the porch.  I think my kids will get years of play from them; they love to crawl through like the little monkeys they are…but this week they decided to get a little more creative and play “ice cream shop”.  Jack was the proprietor and Ryan was the customer; at one point Ry rattled off about 4 different orders and Jack said “Wait!  I can’t get all that; one at a time!”  Haha.

crawling through...they could do this for hours.

And the Ice Cream Shop is in business!

Disclaimer; I became the mother I never wanted to be-the one who lets my kids play with technology…often.  I have friends right now who are reading thinking “yep, I can remember you saying you’d never let your kids play with video games!”  Haha! I did.  I was adamantly against it.  But things happen, and their “choice” of play is either the Wii or the computer; Jack has some crazy skills for a 4 year old. Crazy Skills.  But honestly?  It hasn’t dampened their creativity or imagination one LITTLE bit.  I think that’s what I was afraid of.  When it’s time to turn the technology off, though, they don’t turn to toys.  They turn to their brains and have a blast.  And I’m able to declutter and get rid of toys by the bagful.  They do love their matchbox cars…they are crazy about balloons!  Simple things.  But their imaginations are the go-to choice for active play.

Jack can spend half the day standing in front of the mirror making faces.  Dad caught some of his action on the camera in the parking lot before Erick’s graduation…this is a typical day in the life of this child.  Of both of them, actually. 🙂  They are so silly.

So yeah, we are a techy family, and I’ve finally gotten over my guilt. My kids are thriving.  One thing we DID do a few months ago is scrap the tv; no more cable for us, it’s been wonderful, and I don’t miss it or the $50 a month bill!  That can go towards gas instead…bugger. 🙂