Happy Friday to You!  Two weeks worth of instagram pictures, coming up…

We had some wonderful friends come and continue work on our roof for us last weekend; we had to put more money into the roof-supply fund which made my heart lurch for a second, but look at this typar we bought that went up!  We are covered in Grace, y’all.  I *love* it.  Fun to know that it will always be on our roof, covered under shingles, but still there!

A dollar of fun; mom picked these hats up at AC Moore but I saw them in the dollar bin at Target, too.  HUGE hit with my little zoo.

Scrabble pieces to the rescue for some spelling fun; I think these would be a neat option for art in the boy’s room.

Speaking of Luke (I think we are sticking with that name!), here he is, 28 week 5 day belly.

And here are some shoes I picked up through a Heartsy Deal from this shop on Etsy; $9 total.  I think they are adorable!

My boys on daddy’s graduation day; I love the sparkle in Ryan’s eye.  His eyes are definitely the window to his soul; you can read him like a book by looking in his eyes.  Most of the time they twinkle.  🙂

And here is my cuddler; hoping number 3 is the same as his brothers in the cuddle department.

Speaking of graduation, Erick had a medical extension to finish his last paper, which he turned in earlier this week.  Superman made an A in the class, despite every setback he has experienced this semester.  I’m so proud of him!  He is FINISHED!  No more classes; I can hardly begin to believe it.

It’s yet another rainy day in the Northeast, but you know what?  I’ve kept my chin up and have had a great week despite the dreary weather.  I’d give an arm and a leg to have some popcorn on hand today, though; it’d be a super end to the week; I finally perfected it.  Cooked on the stovepot in some coconut oil, sprinkled with melted butter and salt.  I could eat it all day!  But the supply has run out.   Sigh.

Have a great weekend friends!