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Our very full dishwasher konked out on us last Friday night; bigfatsigh.  Erick spent the weekend tinkering with it to no avail, so Monday and Tuesday after 4 failed attempts to contact a repair person, I totally-out-of-character pressed the start button on the dishwasher that was very much not screwed in and it started.  Erick came home last night, put it all back , and so far so good!  We did a tiny load last night and it worked like a charm.

Thank you GOD.  After too many dips into savings the last few months, He worked a durn miracle on our dishwasher.  Love the little things. 🙂 (although a working dishwasher is not neccesarily a little thing in my book!)

I’m still in recovery from the weekend!  And it’s Wednesday!  Amazing what carrying a baby will do to your energy levels.  It wasn’t even that intense of a holiday.  Told you about Saturday; here are some pics from the boys’ part of the weekend.

It was the first fishing trip of the year; Ryan brought home a keeper although Jack didn’t do half bad either.  They were some happy boys. 🙂  Erick cooked Ry’s pickerel on Sunday…I was so glad because that thing sitting in the fridge gave me the royal willies.  I am NOT good with dead animals in the house, thank goodness I didn’t marry a hunter.  EWW.  I can’t even begin to manage a turkey for thanksgiving; Erick’s all over that one.  I love him. 🙂

Ry definitely has that “I can hold this slimy floppy fish with my bare hands!” thing going on, just like his daddy, although Jack wouldn’t do it, he gets that from his momma!  😉

The sun has been shining off and on here the last few days; the boys have busted out their bicycles and Jack finally learned to propel himself on his own; he was so proud that he stated “Aren’t I talented, Momma?”  He also told Nonnie that he “wo-wees (worries) about momma” when I had disappeared from view the other day; another love of having boy children.  They do like their mommas almost as much as their mommas like them. 🙂

Sunday, my normal day of church in the morning then nothing but rest in the afternoon turned into a clean-up fest.  I tackled our laundry room and guest/craft room; wow y’all.  It looks SO much better.  Yesterday I realized that my clothes matched my craft room so I had to take a picture; that’s my 30 1/2 week belly.  You can’t tell much from the front, but the side view is a different story!

front view

side view

 I have a kung-fu fighter in there; either Luke is more active than my other two, or because it’s my 3rd I can feel things to a larger degree.  Either way, this is one busy little boy.  He keeps me company when I’m up all night; I so very much miss sleep.  Pregnancy takes it out of you, but when you go months on end without a decent night’s sleep, it’s another miracle that I can function during the day!  I snapped a picture of Jack completely konked out yesterday afternoon; this would be how I feel most of the time…

Couldn’t resist his sweet feet:

Back tracking a bit, we watched the Memorial Day Parade from mom and dad’s front lawn with our Phillip’s friends.  Short and sweet parade, but I always love it.  Dad probably has some great pictures but I haven’t seen them yet; here are a few of mine.


thank you heros!

are they getting too big or what? I think dad snapped some pictures of them busting a move to the marching band; they do love their music. 🙂

 Well, Wednesday has become my “Monday”; time to tackle the mountain of  laundry.  I’ll hopefully have pictures of our porch up in a few days; it has become my favorite hang out spot.  This house is finally coming together, yay!