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Cracks me right up.  Ryan was dancing too…just not in these shots, unfortunately.  But I love how these were captured during the Memorial Day Parade.  Thank You, Dad!


I’m currently in the process of *trying* to select 15 pictures for a gallery wall in my dining room.  15 pictures out of…thousands.  This is HARD, y’all.  I think I have it figured out then I change it again…and of course I’ll have to do a mini-revamp once little mr. makes his debut in August!  (Or July…praying for July.  Y’all pray with me, ok?  Late July would be good.)  🙂

I finished one tiny corner of my dining room; I need to put a picture or something up over the barstool…which mom snagged for me at our local antiques shop.  It was super inexpensive and “so the tale goes” from a Dunkin’ Donuts.  I don’t know, but I’m stickin’ with that story!  I found the door in our attic; I think it probably belonged to our bathroom at one point but was removed and replaced with a generic hollow door that won’t swell with moisture…luckily all of our other doors are beauts like this one, and you can’t tell but the skeleton key is even in the keyhole.  At one point I had a verse a mile long done in chalkboard marker; but it stayed up for so long that when I went to wipe it off that marker stuck for good!  So I spray painted another layer of paint over the words, only to go a little hog wild and spray some of the door itself.  So it got a good painting.  I like it, I’m a big blue/teal/green fan.   My husband is not.  Of teal, anyway.  I’m hoping that when the dining room all comes together he’ll see the full effect and not mind at all (hint hint dear-y).

kind of hard to tell in this picture but the beadboard wallpaper is up and I LOVE it! Cheap fix for bad plaster!

Anyway, I need to get that gallery wall finished and makeover my dining room chairs, which I will hopefully start in a week or two.  We’re gettin’ there.

So, Erick and I desperately need a babymoon, and realized today that the ONLY free weekend until mid-July is this coming one!  Yikes!  We’ll only take Saturday and Sunday and make it cheap as can be; it’s not in the budget but definitely needed so I think we’ll raid the emergency fund a tiny bit.  I don’t even care where we go; a cheapy Motel 6 and we can munch on pb&j’s.  I’m just feelin’ the need for some Erick time.  I can’t wait.

Ok, one more, I don’t care how old kids get, they are absolutely munch-able in jammies.  I could Eat. Him. Up.  He’s getting too old; he’s taken it upon himself to start including “s’s” in his vocabulary.  It’s so stinkin’ cute.  He doesn’t have it QUITE right yet; they often come out as z’s or sh’s, but ohmyword, I hope this phase lasts awhile.  Oh, and when I was working on my door, he borrowed some chalk for his chalkboard wall in their bedroom, and led me in later to show me his bureau and floor, all covered in chalk drawings, and said “I just wanted to decorate!”  AND the other day I was going to paint, and when he found out, he said “Oh GEE I would love to paint too!”  Gee?  I love it!  Don’t know where he got it from, but I’ll take it.

I love my children,  Amen.