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So…this particular picture from my living room post drove me CRAZY.  Two reasons, the dark hole that is our couch, and that lamp to the left (a TJ Maxx purchase for $15 which I’ve been meaning to makeover for a LONG time!) Well, and that ladder on the porch, and of course my yellow behemoth recliners.  Quick fix?  Move the ladder.  Ha. Recliners are still here for the time being.

I finally got around to that lamp makeover.  Rustoleum’s Heirloom White Spray Paint, and a Vinyl Decal.  Easy peasy.  Much Better.

please disregard the unpainted floor trim. i'll finish that someday!


 It’ll work as a stand in until I can afford matching lamps!

Next up, the couch. I love this couch for it’s durability.  Not for it’s design.  But it’s good for the kids and they have beat the living daylights out of it.  I needed something to lighten the load, so to speak, so I started messing around with some pillows.  My mom didn’t need her two blue pillows anymore and they have been in my “stash” for awhile, so I started experimenting.  (And shout out to Melody…we’ll try something like this for your couches, too, if you are up for it!)

Here’s the first go-around…not bad but not great either.

Second try; snagged one of my plethora of vintage pillows.  But still not totally satisfied.

3rd times a charm.  I raided the fabric stash and plopped some stripes on the pillows.  I like how the red in the middle ties in with the painting, too.  Done! (For now) 🙂

Now, here are a couple new pictures of my dining room; I want to show it little by little (to motivate me to finish!)  Opposite the wall with my door that I shared yesterday…

is the wall that is shared with our kitchen.  I think I’ll purchase new knobs for the built-in.  I’ve made peace with my $4 vinyl tablecloth…very kid friendly.  And cheap enough to change out now and again.  That’s my “eternal” bouquet of flowers on the table; made them from paper and they are SOOOO fun and easy.  Here are directions if you want to do the same.

There we are…for now.  Change can be good!