Well hello!  How about I catch you up?

I haven’t been around technology much because of our computer.  It crashed and burned…and took my pictures with it.  Had I recently backed them up?  No.  Had I thought of doing it a zillion times?  Yes.  Some are saved, most are not.  I threw myself a little pity party, because pregnant women are allowed to do that  😉 and then dusted myself off and realized how miniscule the loss of a computer is in the grand scheme of things.  Big in the moment, small in the big picture.  And it’s a God-Sized problem; the purchase of a new Mac (once you mac, you can’t go back!), but I like God-Sized problems the best because they are so much more easily solved when He takes care of them.  In the meantime, I’m able to use Erick’s school computer, thank the Good Lord.  I hate to say it, but I realized when that hard drive sizzled that I’d be a bit lost without the internet!  And I’m just trying my hardest not to think of the pictures that I’ve lost…

So that’s part of the news.

Other than that…Erick’s first official summer vacation day is today!  And we have worked non-stop.  It’s 5 pm and I still have energy to burn, but my feet are SCREAMING at me, yelling “How dare you be on us all day with an extra 20 plus pounds to carry around?!”  Oh, if I could trade my feet in!  Y’all, I have never been so motivated in my LIFE when it comes to projects; I’m so much more of a dreamer than a doer…a relaxer more than a get-er-done-er.  But whatever hormones this baby child has produced has me firing on all cylinders.   It’s awesome; it truly is.  I’m almost finished painting our bedroom; a project that was nowhere in my plan to start until Ashley motivated me with ideas.  It won’t be done for awhile, but it’s fun to start.  After the walls are dry I’ll go back to our dining room; print and hang pictures in there and refinish our chairs.

Then the bathroom, then the boys room.  I have roughly 6 weeks left…think I can do it?  Nothing like knowing that relatively soon I’ll be in a new-mother nursing/diaper changing/soothing/not sleeping routine.  Must Get Things Accomplished Now!

In the meantime…what else?  First day of summer we walked down to Big Bills for ice cream during the afternoon, then that evening we walked to the theater and took the boys to see Rio. Great day.  As always, I love this town!

Jack has been a Royal Toot lately; he deserves his own blog post.  That’ll probably come next.  Dad took a picture of him the other day and it sums up his little personality lately; I’ll have to snag it and include it in the written saga.

Erick is doing better, by the way!  I see improvement every day…it’s coming at a faster pace than when he first left the hospital in March.   He still has his off days, but his energy is returning.  One example of why his heart was stressed enough to take on that strep?  One area of his job, a data-collection thingamagigy called Gear-Up, consumed a lot of his time.  He was obligated to work with that in addition to teaching.  In addition to working on his Master’s as well…so he was obviously overworked!  Anyway, to give you an example of how much he was doing, his administrators worked out a way to get him out of the Gear Up responsibilities.  They are creating a new position for someone to work ONLY on GU…and the salary for that position will be what Erick was bringing in.  So he was essentially working 2 full time jobs for the price of one.  No wonder he was stressed!  I’m so thrilled that they are taking that responsibility from him, though.  Without that, and having his Master’s finished…maybe life can settle down a bit next school year!

OH!  And I received the neatest email this week from a new friend Courtney; she saw my porch and wrote a post about my “This is the Life” sign.  It’s very inspiring!  God is so good.

Well, I better get up and see if I’m able to walk across the room; here’s hoping!  Maybe the hubster will give me a foot rub tonight?  😉