Would you like to know why?  My parents are gone (no…that came out wrong…let’s start over!)

Mom and Dad are currently on the first leg of their flight to New Mexico to stay with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Glenn.  {Hi family!  Wish I could snap my fingers and be there!!}  It’s 6:30 am, and I’m wide awake, so I decided to trot over to said Mom and Dad’s house to take advantage of the cleanliness, the coffee, the quiet and the computer. All my boys are still asleep and hopefully will be for awhile; I turned myself on some KLOVE, and Oh!  My coffee has perked, I’ll be right back.

Ah, deliciousness.  Much better.  Anyway, I’m thinkin’ I might make a habit out of this the next week and a half.  I can’t be disturbed by little men!  Woohoo!  (I love my little men!  It’s just a rare occurrence that I can computer surf in peace…that I can do anything in peace, actually!) I decided I’d come over and track down some gallery-wall worthy pictures; I already had a full set in mind, but they were *of course* swept away with the computer crash.  So a bloggin’ and a picture surfing I will go.

I mentioned in my last post that Jack had been a Royal Toot lately; yesterday in church, Ryan piped right up and told our sweet pastor’s wife during the children’s message that Jack had drawn all over our walls in pencil.

Just look at that tooty face!  Typifies his behavior lately!

Jack is so wonderful.  So loving and cuddly and, whew.  He’s in a phase lately y’all.  That’s what I’m tagging it; it’s just a phase.  He is FULL of boundless energy lately; yesterday both boys about did me in!  We were talking to some friends after church, and the boys were full on wrestling in the foyer!  And it continued all day!  Constant action.  Ack.

To get back to my Jack stories though, last Saturday Erick took Ryan fishing and Jack decided he wanted to stay home.  I was in intense rearranging-my-bedroom mode.  When I came out of said room, I saw Jack’s “artwork”…pencil all over the walls.  Kitchen, dining room, living room.  {Praising God it was just pencil!!}  Of course he got in trouble, and he had to help me clean up.  TWO separate times later, after repeated talks, he drew on our ottoman, and, later, on our tablecloth, with crayon.  After repeated discipline!  And you want to know the *why’s*?  “Because I want to decorate, momma.  Because I like change; because I’m bored with what we have.”

I told Erick, and he just gave me a look and said “Sounds like his mother’s son!”

So true.  Because I like to decorate!  I like change!  I’m bored with what we have!

So in part, it’s pretty funny.  And it was all fixable.  But boy, I’m hoping he’s going to get over this “phase” before little mister arrives.  Oye.  He definitely has his mother’s artistic spirit…the attitude come’s from his daddy’s side of the family. (Ha).  Jack is incredibly stubborn and persistent; which will do him well in life, if we can just usher him in the right direction.  It just might do me in in the meantime.  But I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of little boys making their momma’s crazy when they are younger, but using that will to go on and do amazing things later in life.  High expectations, Jack!  Go for it and make your mark on the world; make all this current grief worth it!  😉

Alright, it’s 7:00; Jack will probably be rousing soon if he hasn’t already; Ry is our night owl and Jack is our early bird.  I told him last night that if I was gone when he woke up, not to worry because I’d just be over at Papa and Nonnie’s.  As much as that child can light me on fire, when he comes to me in the morning, all sleepy-eyed with a big grin and crawls into my lap to cuddle, I’m mush.  MUSH.

I do think I’ll make a habit out of these early morning blog posts though; I’ll share with you what I’m doing in the bedroom next.  Progress!  Slow but sure!

Have a great Monday.  🙂