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Another early morning, another beautiful day.  Mmmm.  I snapped this pic on the ipod of mom and dad’s house this morning; the sun peeking over the edge.  It is just *gorgeous* out there this morning!

Mom and dad made it to NM yesterday; I looked up the weather, and here is what they are in for during their stay;

So I looked up our weather and counted my  blessings!

The “few” and “scattered” showers mean just that; maybe some, maybe none, but not all day.  Just how I like it.  I love this state; I truly do!  I lived my life absolutely exhausted during the summers in NM when I was growing up; the heat can be a drag.  So I’ll take my 70’s and be grateful!

Speaking of Beautiful, one of my new favorite songs…it’s the free download from KLOVE this week.  It’s fantastic.

Ok, trying to embed and I can’t….here’s the link.  Love this group; great sound.

Yesterday!  It was such a great day y’all.  We made it all about the boys, which we do not often do, but it’s so worth it.  We decided to take them to see Cars 2; we usually wait until movies reach our wonderful little hometown theater (inexpensive and a walk away) but thought we’d splurge and take them right away this time.  Here are their faces before entering the theater;

I *love* that I captured that moment; makes me smile a mile wide!

Unfortunately the first showing was only in 3d…and that would of set us back 40 bucks!  (The reason why we usually wait until movies come to our town!)  So we bought tickets for the next showing (only set us back 25, haha) and we headed over to Old Navy with my Groupon in hand.  I honestly don’t think we have EVER taken them to a store and said “pick out a shirt, boys!”  They were beyond thrilled!  We usually live off hand me downs, which they are crazy about too, but yesterday was certainly special, and they had to put their shirts on right away.  Here were there choices:

yellow stripes for my sunshine kid

and Batman for my child who has never even seen Batman, but seems to have a new fascination with him anyway!

 Ryan posed for a picture with him momma…holy moly.  Do we look alike or what?  He’s actually the spitting image of my dad; he’s a Schumpert through and through.

I never intentionally take pictures of just myself…feel very weird doing that.  This picture was completely unintentional; it makes me laugh!  I didn’t realize I had the ipod on the dillybobber thingamajig that takes pictures of yourself instead of what is in front of you; I was trying to take a picture of the blue sky and fluffy clouds out of our sunroof.  The glare prevented me from seeing what I was snapping, and when I got home, I had this instead of nature outside of my window.  Ha.

Alright, after that little group of pictures (taken while daddy had dashed inside Best Buy) we had a quick Arby’s lunch and then went to the theater, bought our $7.50 bucket of popcorn and $4 bottle of water…and enjoyed the show.  It really was great!  Worth the almost $40 splurge to delight our children…not that we’ll be doing that again anytime soon, yikes!

After the show we picked up mom and dad’s car from the airport, came home, and made chocolate chip cookies, downed with a tall glass of cold milk.  Yes.  I dashed to the library to pile up on a fresh round of books, and later on in the evening when it had cooled a bit, Erick took the boys to the river to fish.

GREAT day.  Our special friends also dropped off a couple quarts of fresh-picked strawberries; I see some homemade whipped cream and biscuits in our future today.  Sigh!  Can life get any better?

I promise to show my bedroom progress in the next day or two; must clean (a little bit) before I take a picture.  But here is a hint;  I bought a white comforter, you guys.  I’ve always wanted one, and I figure I can put the bleach to good use when it gets stained.  The best part?  King size (big believer in king size on queen size beds), and it was only $25 at Target.  $25!

Ok, one more…a suggestion if you have kiddos.  The boys have a new obsession and ask to do this every day.  Not only is it hilarious but it has really helped them pin down their verbs and adjectives and nouns; even Jack is “getting” it, and they both have a ball making us laugh out loud.  I love that they have kids versions…mad libs have always been a fave of mine too!

Time to get this day started; have a wonderful one!