We were trying…hard…to keep the boys on task the other day while they were cleaning their bedroom.  My children tend to get very distracted.  VERY.   This is not ADD; they can focus very well when they want.  When something has captured their attention.  But during this room cleaning episode, I just started to laugh when we had to pull them back in for the 15th time and Erick mentioned that they suffer from OSS.  This, I had never heard of, and when he asked, he said it stands for

“Oh!  Something Shiny!” {Syndrome}

Laugh right out loud.  He really had me rolling…until I realized that I suffered from it as well.  And, admittedly, so does my husband.  We are a family of OSS sufferers.

This post might very well be a good example; we’ll see how it goes.

I was fully into my dining room project when Ashley motivated me with a bedroom redo; it was like a switch was flipped and off I ran.  It’s how I roll; something different and shiny captures my attention and, well, there ya go.  She had suggested Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace for the walls; anything to cover up that avodaco, but a few gallons of paint (this is a big room, high ceilings) weren’t in our current budget, so I took the only paint brush I had on hand (a one incher) and dipped into my leftover entryway/living room/dining room paint to see how it would work…and it does! {For now.  I still really love the chantilly lace; we’ll see how long the current colors last}. I covered two walls…with a one inch paintbrush…because I HAD to get it done, and couldn’t run to the store right away for a roller.  Really brightened everything up.  I covered 3 walls in Behr’s Decorator White and one in Martha Stewarts Glass of Milk (3 eventual coats, with a roller the next day).  So anyway, it saved us some bucks and there is definitely continuity between the 4 first rooms in our house.  I think the flat-out most appreciated piece of advice she gave was to move the bed on the far window wall; it has made a world of difference and I LOVE it.  We have a huge amount of space for the kiddos to run around in now, and I’m creating a little reading nook on the far wall.


After paint and bed switcharoo…

The above picture is a bit shadowy, but our room is lighter, brighter, and calmer now.  And we have a great view!

The table at the foot of the bed used to take up residence where our “cafe” table is on the porch right now;

see the colors in the entryway? same colors I used in the bedroom.

 I love the table, but we have very limited space in our house.  So…I’m going to cut a few inches off the legs and I have a paint-redo idea for it as well.  I can’t wait to show you!  It’ll be a good place to sit and put shoes on, etc.

The comforter is our $25 Target find; I bought a white duvet as well (also $25) that we can use on it.  I’ll add some colors and texture with pillows and throws…things that will make their way into our bedroom over time.

Oh!  And the walls; take a look back at the after picture again and tell me how much you love the strips that are holding the paneling on!  Aren’t they great?  {GAG}  Other than taking down the paneling, which I am POSITIVE is hiding plaster in very poor condition, painting over the top of it was our only option.  But now we have the trailer/rv wall look.  So I researched and found the answer; as soon as dad gets back from Maine we are going to buy some pine 1×2’s and do some floor to ceiling board and batten.  The strips won’t be as close as the ones in this picture….but this will give you an idea of the look:

As for the curtains; I’m ready to see those go as well!  And wonder of wonders…talk about another money saver; check out the liners on the backside…

They are a thick material in great condition, so I’m going to detach them, hem them and fancy them up a bit (RIT dye? Some kind of border?) and voila, practically free curtains.

So I’m taking Ash’s ideas and rolling with them in a money-saving way.  It’ll be awhile before it gets done, but I’m fine with that.  I still have to paint the trim.  I detest painting trim.  About 1/4 of the way into trim painting, my OSS kicked in and things like sitting on my bum and starting into space sounded like a much better alternative.  So it’s stuck at a 1/4 done for now and I’m trying to get up the gumption to finish!

Ok dearies, I could go on and on, but I think I’ll meet you back here, same place, same time tomorrow.  Have a good one!