Alright lovies, this post is neither here nor there today, another conglomeration; hope you don’t mind! I had a raging internal debate on whether to actually get out of bed this morning; it was a long night with the boys who were dreaming out loud, but after a 45 minute delay, the lure of coffee and promise of some quiet time before the day officially starts rolled me right out.  So here I am!  And I’m glad.

I was able to cuddle a baby yesterday.  Teehee {Waves hi and says thank you to Sarah!}  And a big shout out to you my friend, whose requests to throw a baby shower for me I repeatedly turned down…but who did not give up and now I’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I started a little Target registry, and things are very much becoming “real” for me now.  Yay for some good girl time and a party!  I can’t wait!

All is well in baby-news land; on Wednesday at 9:15 I had my OB appt.  Little mister is head down, and after a good “feel”, the doc said she didn’t think he would reach the 8 pound weight that Jack did.  I could of kissed her on the lips after hearing that.  I’ve been nervous about that; let’s just say that stitches were involved with my last delivery, and I could hardly walk for two straight weeks.  It was HORRID, I tell you.  So seeing as though this is my second VBAC, and that maybe this child won’t be quite as large, I’m feeling a bit more confident.  I don’t even care if he ends up being 10 pounds at this point; just knowing that I *might* have an easier delivery makes my day.

After that appt., I had an 11:30 intake/paperwork appt in labor and delivery at the hospital, then a 1:00 meeting with the anesthesiologist.  It still cracks me RIGHT up to see the looks on the faces of medical personnel when they realize that I had a homebirth after HELLP/C-Section.  Like, jaws on the floor.  It can be done, my friends.  I’m living proof.

You know what?  I’m not holding my breath or anything, just being grateful for a reprieve…but I’ve had insane, shoot-me-with-a-bazooka heartburn with this baby.  I had it bad with Jack; so bad that I thought “I will never get pregnant again!”, and then God laughed, {and this sense of humor we appreciated}, and here I am with number 3 and, if possible, worse HB than I ever had with my second.  Keeps me up at night, wakes me up in the morning, doesn’t matter whether I’m standing straight up or turned inside out.  Doesn’t matter what I eat, when I eat, how much I eat.

However, yesterday I finally gave into Erick’s suggestion to try a little baking soda in water; I know that is a trick that works, but I didn’t think anything would do at this point.  After an hour and a half of baking soda burps (sorry, I’m just glad they weren’t burning-burps) my heartburn disappeared and I actually slept last night!  Well, I was awake with the dreaming-kids, but at least it wasn’t fire in my esophagus keeping me awake.  And this morning is the first time in awhile that I woke up without the heat…so I’m feeling very good at this point!  Yay!

Ok, reversal in topic; Erick took a break from his crazy data deadline last night and had a pillow fight with the boys.  Makes me happy. 🙂  He still has a bit left to do today, but once the numbers are punched in, he is FREE for the summer.  Wahoo!

We do love our summer evenings!  The boys don’t fall asleep for ages, but that means they sleep in a bit and that is alright with me. 🙂  Gives me some time to do this!

Remember my computer crash?  Well, number 2 and 3 followed quickly behind; our dishwasher has died again (it had a miraculous recovery a couple of months ago) so we are praying for miracle number 2!  And then guess what I discovered?  Our lovely huge plate glass window in the entryway?

It has a rather large crack in it.  Most likely caused by the boys; I’m just thankful it didn’t shatter!  Luckily we have that storm window up, so as long as we can keep the kidlets away from the window, we should be ok for awhile.  Buying and installing a large sheet of glass does not sound fun right now.

Anyway, such is the stuff of life!  No biggie.

A few posts ago I talked of my crazy/wonderful motivation, which quickly evaporated the day after I wrote about it.  But I think I’m back on my game today; I’m ready to tackle some projects while Erick wraps up his data, so we can actually do summery things like hit the beach, etc.

One of my projects will involve this amazing chair.

It is SO comfortable.  I’ve moved it into our bedroom, and I think I’m going to tackle some re-upholstery myself!  I’m probably crazy, but I’ve read some tutorials, and I’ll at least do what I can.  I’m going to paint the wood, and although I LOVE new, modern fabrics on old furniture, I think I’m going to go with a classic solid that won’t phase out over time.  And then add a fun graphic pillow for a good modern punch.

These are a couple of fabrics I’ve had my eye on, but I found a wealth of other colors in Joanns this week, so we’ll see.  I’ll definitely go in a gray/blue direction though.

And then maybe something like this for a pillow; we’ll see.  There are so many fun options!

Ok, on second thought, I probably won’t tackle this project pre-baby…I actually have the material and paint on hand for my dining chair re-dos.  Must focus.  I promised Erick that in *this* house, I’d tackle one room at a time.  I’ve failed miserably at that promise!  But our dining room is SO close to being finished.  So close.  Have already let OSS get in the way a bit too much…time to reign ‘er back in.  🙂

Alright!  It’s 8:00am, and I’m sure my babies are up or close to it.  Time to head across the lawn and feed the crew.  Have a beautiful day my friends!