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We had fun in the rain this week; one of those perfect, warm summer storms, excellent for playing outside in.  🙂  Jack found a puddle and tried to swim.

Ryan preferred to run and jump and ride his scooter through ’em.

We also raided Papa and Nonnie’s backyard for wild strawberries, yum!

Mr. J had to inspect them with his magnifying glass; make sure they were ripe for eating. 🙂

We didn’t fill up our little bowl much more than this,

because Ryan kept eating them up, much to Jack’s chagrin.  I don’t blame my oldest though, not a bit.

Sweet little sunshine sugar bursts!  I’ve done myself in with strawberry shortcake over the last week…

Yesterday we were going to hit the beach…at the ocean, that is.  Until I realized that it was a holiday weekend and 80 degrees.  Which meant that finding a spot on a sandy beach would be possible, but barely.  So we hit up the East Entrance of Lake George.  Y’all, seriously.  Why hadn’t anyone drug us there before?  I knew there was a beach at the east entrance, but we’d never been to that side.  Good GRIEF.  All this wonder, 20 minutes down the road.  Suffice it to say, we’ve found a new place to swim and hike and fish.  We had such a great afternoon; the weather was gorgeous.  Erick and I parked it under a tree most of the time; the shade was perfect, but the sun wasn’t half bad either.  I forgot the sunscreen, so I made the boys wear their shirts for a good portion of the time, but they shed them later and we ended up burn-free.  It was pretty crowded but still plenty of elbow room.  LOVE this place!!

I can envision many more summer trips here; and strappin’ the baby on this fall and hiking off some weight!  I’m so glad we finally discovered this side!

So yeah, great weekend so far.  We capped off yesterday with some southern style pulled pork sandwiches and hand cut fries in Waterville (oh, and a iced sweet tea)…and THEN ice cream sandwiches.  It’s summertime, people!  Lovin’ it.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th!  I’m not sure where we’ll end up, but the boys have been counting down for a month.  They Can. Not. Wait.  So we’re gonna make it good. 🙂