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It’s a beautiful morning!  Not quite 6am; I’ve been up for a good long while enjoying my porch and the perfect temps it’s offering at the moment.  Just finished my granola and blueberries…I’ve been dreaming up some little trips, too.  I want to go to MDI at least twice this summer; take the boys once to Bar Harbor; go to the top of Cadillac Mountain, then have a picnic at our favorite picnic spot downtown.  Throw rocks in the water all day and top it off with ice cream on the hill overlooking the bay.

Then I want to go back, minus my precious non-shoppers, and hit up every little shop and gallery at Southwest, Northeast, and Bar Harbors.  Take pictures and eat donuts at that crazy-good restaurant in NE Harbor whose name is currently escaping me.  All of that?  Sounds like pure bliss right now.

This morning my “plan” is to hit up Joanns and buy some foam for reupholstering my dining room chairs; it’s 50% off right now.  I started my chair project last week and it quickly turned into more than I expected!  Don’t projects always do that?  I think….possibly…that I can cross that project off the list today, though.  Or tomorrow.  🙂  We’ll see how it goes.  I also ordered the remainder of my dining room gallery wall pictures yesterday;  have everything set to go minus 4 empty frames that I’m saving for pictures once little man comes along in a Few Short Weeks!

Alright, have to throw in the obligatory holiday weekend pics.  Few more of the lake and bbq place, then the parade and sparklers and our little firework spot we happened upon.  Oh, and my patriotic burn; I was dressed in blue and white and the nice red color rounded everything off.  It was a lovely long weekend!

Jack waved to EVERYONE; I think in hopes that it would inspire them to throw candy 🙂

post parade burn...much better now. 🙂 although you should see my nose; I look like rudolph!

We parked and put our chairs out in a parking lot where many others were parked; unfortunately as soon as the show started, you could only see the tops of the fireworks (too many trees).  So we trotted down the sidewalk, and wonder of wonders, ended up with the perfect spot to watch, minus the crowds.  We were so close to our car that as soon as the show was over, we were able to skip the traffic jams.  🙂  It was great!

One more; most every morning I’ve gone to mom and dad’s before the boys have arisen.  One morning Jack popped through the door to surprise me, wearing daddy’s shoes. 🙂  It was too cute; couldn’t believe he’d clomped over in those things.  Yesterday, on my way back to our house, he was on the steps…in my wellies!  So funny.   I don’t know if he’d of made it all the way over to the house or not!

Time to get this day started, have a great one!  And see you VERY soon, mom and dad!  Yeehaw!