Found this “before” picture from a photo album on mom and dad’s computer…taken last summer.  That was when I had intended to start making over these chairs!  Time flies in the meantime…

uncomfortable! old sticky varnish!

I finally got around to this project a couple of weeks ago; unfortunately I didn’t order enough material.  I’m SUCH a penny pincher that I always try to estimate enough to just “get by”…but in upholstering projects, I’d say always go a half a yard, at least, over what you think you’ll need.  I know I’ll do that next time!  I had just enough for 3 chairs; the 4th is awaiting some more vinyl.  And the fabric just made the cut for 4 chairs; I’d have been golden had I two or three more inches.  I was sweatin’ it there for a bit but I think it will work.

Taking the cushions apart was a surprise; I’ve made over a few vintage dining room chairs in the past (below)…

easy peasy, straightforward job that I finished last year. Although I am going to repaint them, now that their home is against a white wall!

 but these were tougher than I what I had previously finished.  The green was put directly over old black, crumbly leather…and the filler was something that resembled a bird’s nest.  First thought was horse hair, but that wasn’t it; I’m not sure exactly what it was!  It took me an entire afternoon to strip the seats down; both layers were tacked down with a million little tacks that ended up everywhere on the porch; I had a time of it keeping the boys either out of the porch or with shoes on!  They were tiny, and sharp!

any clue what exactly that is?

I’m happy to report that our heinies are much more comfortable now; gone is the birds nest, replaced by one inch high density foam and batting.  I covered the material in some matte vinyl, which I was hesitant about design wise, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything now.  You have kids, you make exceptions!

rustoleum heirloom white and regular white for the chairs; two of each. I sprayed 'em.

Next time I’d use more material than is called for, and one can of spray paint per chair.  I had to make a few hardware store runs for more…hoping I’d have “just enough” to get by, but of course it didn’t work that way.  I used spray primer, the color, and then a clear top coat.

One more chair to cover, one more project finished pre-baby!  And at this point y’all, I don’t care WHAT else I finish, I just want this child here!  The summer pregnancy hasn’t been so bad, it’s just the end of stage pregnancy thing.  So very ready to meet my little man.  🙂  Tomorrow I have a 9 am appt. and Erick has a 2 pm appt…in between we are going to make Home Depot/Lowes runs to buy the material to finish our bathroom.  Erick is rockin’ it in there; it’s pretty much stripped bare at this point.  Still, don’t mind if Luke makes an appearance before it’s finished!  All will be well!