Well, it’s 9:30 at night, and I should be settling in, but my mind is wide awake so I might as well blog, right?  My shower was today; Jack figured a baby shower was gifts falling from the ceiling.  Makes sense to me!

I want to thank you lovely ladies who attended from the bottom of my heart; it meant so much!  And to Sarah for talking me into it; for your amazing creativity and my mom’s as well.  It just blew me away; so much adorableness in one place!

goodie bags filled with dark chocolate!

LOVE this; guests could leave Luke messages; typed on the typewriter. TOO cool.

paper straws in mason jars? it's like they read my mind. My jar said "mom's mason jar". awesome!

 I loved every detail!  You are all so special to me!

While I was opening gifts I told a Jack story; he saw one of Luke’s little outfits at home a few days ago and decided he wanted to try it on himself.  It’s one of those 0-6 month deals (that surely shrinks when you wash it, which I haven’t yet) so after much convincing he talked us into letting him squeeze into it.  He couldn’t move very well, let me tell you!  But he was one happy camper!

Crazy kid.

I’m 37 weeks now; had an appt. on Friday and was measuring small…which from what I read doesn’t really mean much at this point; position of the baby in the womb, the fact you may have dropped…everything else checks out great (BP, protein, etc) but the doc wants me to have an ultrasound on Monday just in case.  Should be good to go; we’ll just get another little peek in there!  We celebrated your arrival today Luke, so you can come anytime as far as I’m concerned! 🙂