I’m going to have an “alone” day today, minus the child who makes his presence known 24/7.  Erick is taking the boys up to his mom’s and is going to do some work on her house today; my parents are trekking to NH for the day.  It was a hard choice…to stay or to go!  But I figured that babies are portable and can be lugged around, while having one more day to myself isn’t going to happen for awhile.  So I plan to spend it reading and pinterest-ing and netflix-ing.  Probably won’t do any housework; I’ve lost my nesting mojo lately.  I’ve just been very, very tired recently and my feet tend to swell up if I’m on them for too long.  I suppose I’ll get that last minute “have to get things done!” urge, but for now, it’s all about moving slow and taking it easy.

I wanted to share a picture with you; mom and dad were out last night taking some evening/night pictures and dad snapped this of our house; it makes me happy.  I love the little “blur” of mom and Ry at the door.

Doesn’t he make it look cozy?  I can’t wait until he has a website up and running; he’s been taking absolute stunners lately.  He just purchased a large format printer, and let me tell you, it’s going to be hard not to completely change my house and fill it up with his photography.  I can’t wait until Luke Jonathan is here;  he’s going to get some good baby picture practice in!

I hesitate to share this next picture; just think of it as a “midway”…definitely not an after.  The quality isn’t that great either; I’ll save the lighting tweaks and good quality photo for the final reveal.  The hydrangeas are droopy.  The vases aren’t finished.  Much left to be done!  And the middle row on the wall is obviously awaiting pictures of Luke.  But here it is, anyway…

Ugh, yeah, not a good quality pic.  But it’s a glimpse into what’s going on in the dining room.  Because our walls are plaster, I opted for using mats with command strips instead of frames.  Cheaper, and no holes through the wallpaper or horsehair!

Post-baby I’ll pop some more pictures up there, floof things up a bit…and refinish a few more chairs that will sit on either side of the buffet.  THEN we’ll have a decent picture.

I have one more picture for you; it makes me happy.  We are going to cloth-diaper part time; I’m using the type that have the snap-in liners, so as long as the shell doesn’t get dirty, you can reuse them…saves time and money.  They are one-size, too, so they’ll work for baby birth to potty training.  I have a softbums and a flip right now; we’ll see how they work once Luke is here.  I think they are adorable!

Alright, time to whip through the house, pick up a few things then settle in for some laziness.  Have a good day, friends.