Yeah, so, this isn’t such a little dream.  But it’s a fun one; one that I spend hours working out in my head!

So, fellow Pittsfield-onians…I know there are alot of you out there that agree we need a place to hang out and drink coffee.  I love this town; I absolutely adore the fact that most everything is within walking distance, from just about wherever you live.  The parks, the movie theater, the ice cream shop, the library, even the grocery store.  But we are missing something, and that something is a coffee shop!  A coffee shop, that, with the combined massive talent that is hanging around in this town…would also be an art gallery.  *Also* something that could benefit our town; not only as a place to just hang out and look at beautiful art and drink delicious drinks, but where some of the proceeds could go to people in need.  Food bank, oil funds, a rainy day fund for people who are at a hard place in life.  A place run by the community, for the community…where everyone that wants can have a hand in making it a special, safe place to just be.

The perfect place?  The old, vacant pharmacy building.  I took pictures on our morning walk and my head is full of ideas.

Beautiful building, ample parking!

I’m assuming these are boarded up windows below…can you picture opening them up, putting a little deck out here?  What a view, huh?

I.am.just.itching to decorate.  And then opening it up for retirees, so they can gather and have their morning coffee.  For mommas and their babies.  For all of the youth in the town; we could set up some Wii stations.  We could have comfy couches and chairs and a bookshelf dedicated to classics that you could come in and read and dog-ear to save your place for your next visit.  For artists to come plaster the walls with their art to sell.  Just a fun hangout, but that would remain very community minded; MCI students could work shifts, but use it as their community service project; proceeds going towards helping the townspeople in some capacity.  We could have movie nights, or local music nights as fundraisers. So it wouldn’t only be a safe place to gather, but a place that could make a tangible difference.

The funding?  Hey, Cianbro!  Tell ya what; this is your town; purchase the building and give me some start up funding and I promise free coffee for life. 🙂

Dreaming is fun, isn’t it?