So…I’m just at about 38 1/2 weeks!  Come on Luke!  Actually, I have an appointment tomorrow; and an interesting dilemma.  For the first time I’m B Strep Positive; meaning that they would give me an antibiotic drip during labor…however, I can’t take the antibiotics that they specifically use for B Strep.  My doc is a little stumped, so tomorrow I’m going to be retested (everyone has B Strep from time to time; it can come and go, it’s not a huge deal put could possibly pose a risk to the baby during birth).  So either it’s gone, or we have to figure out how to solve this little problem.  I’m not worried though, I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

In the meantime, we’ve been making progress in our bathroom as well.  Or, shall I say, Erick has been making progress!  He’s really been doing a fantastic job, and I’m THRILLED with how it’s coming together!  I don’t have any current pictures, but you can see the before shots in this post.  Here is what it looked like a couple of days ago…

Pretty bad, huh?  We’ve been living with it like that for a week (and we only have one bathroom, thank goodness we have a functioning toilet!), but now the floors are in and our new vanity is installed minus the plumbing.  We’ve been slowly collecting bathroom items over a year or so as money has allowed, and I’m pleasantly surprised that even though it’s been a hodgepodge from different stores, it’s all meshing beautifully  (and inexpensively!)  It’s much more formal than the rest of our house; I’m such a casual girl, but our available finances have oddly lent themselves to affording the more formal look over the more casual look.  I really like it though and can’t wait to share pictures!

About that Big Dream post yesterday?  My friend Sue reminded me about Ebenezers in DC; very much what I’d like to do here.  {Here I am saying “I”…which is hilarious at this point in my life!  I’d prefer a more collective “we” when it came to a project like this!}  Anyway, their profits go to benefit the ministries of the church.  They go towards doing good…something I think would be excellent for the community to get behind. Although something of this magnitude really makes it more fun for me to think about than actually do anything about…I still can’t quite get the thought out of my head.  And that building has been sitting vacant for so long…which is crazy seeing as though where it sits!  It’s prime property.  Maybe it’s waiting for us.  🙂  And maybe not, but hmmm.  I think I shall give birth and wander around in the newborn baby phase and then think a bit more on it!  Priorities, you know!

Oh geez, y’all, I’m so annoyed.  It’s a little after 8 and I’m getting my “second wind” which is SO new for me.  I have slept so horribly during this pregnancy;  can’t fall asleep, can’t stay asleep, walking zombie during the day, but it’s very hard for me to nap.  Believe me when I say I definitely attempt napping, but most of the time it doesn’t work!  I spent a good part of the day exhausted today, and now I’m waking up; this is just ridiculous.  So prayers appreciated, that in some way shape or form I could get some decent rest before the Big Event.  Please and Thank You!

And Goodnight…maybe!