Obviously, not all moments are sweet moments, but for the most part, these boys love.each.other.  Overheard a few days ago…

“Ryan, you are a great big brother!”

“Thanks Jack, you are going to be a great big brother, too!”

Sigh!  Wish life was like that *all* the time!  They’ve also been talking to my belly, saying “Luke, please decide to come out today!” They are very excited about having a 3rd brother eventually join them in their bedroom, too.  We’ve been asking them all sorts of questions, really trying to get them to understand the reality of having a baby in the house.  I asked Jack if he was excited or nervous, and he said he was nervous…when I asked why, he said it was because he was afraid he’d get dirty if he changed diapers.  Haha.  When I told him he really wouldn’t have to change diapers if he didn’t want too, he was VASTLY relieved and was excited for his brother to come…RIGHT now.  We’ll see how he feels during middle of the night cry sessions. 🙂

This morning was another morning walk with mom and dad; luckily just as we set out from their house, we saw the door to our house open and Jack come out on the porch; with no shoes and his jeans on inside-out.  Funniest thing!  Erick and Ryan were still asleep, so we helped Jack change and he joined us on our walk.  It was fun!

My parents spent a good portion of the day over at our house today, helping with the bathroom, thank you very much!  Helping Erick, that is…these days my energy levels are pretty rock bottom.  I DID finish that fourth dining room chair…that’s something!  Then I spent the remainder of the day sitting…and cleaning for 2 minutes, and sitting again.  I had my second wind (which I am now in the middle of at 10pm at night) and flew through the living room and dining room…swept up a bit.  Makes me feel better to have a semi clean house at this stage of pregnancy.

And oh, I just have to tell you about our possessed dishwasher; I’ve blogged about how it konked out a couple of times; today it went out for the 4th time.  But it always miraculously comes back to life!  Sometimes days later, sometimes hours.  SO strange.  Erick and I were gearing ourselves up to empty it and handwash everything tonight, then I pushed “start” for the 20th time and it worked.  Thank you LORD.

Alright, I really must head to bed and try for some rest.  In the meantime, if you haven’t put a comment in on this post to win the 16×20 canvas (hello!  so cool! you get to browse through your hundreds {or thousands} of pictures and have a lovely print hanging on your wall!) then go leave a comment; I would say that at this point, your chances are mighty fine! 🙂