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No baby yet, Sigh.

I was one centimeter and fairly “soft” at my appt this morning, so at least that’s something!  And I’ve dropped tremendously I suppose; enough for my doc to order an ultrasound because I was measuring small again (the appt is for *next* Thursday…which means I won’t be there, haha!)  Because yes, I fully intend to have this baby before then.  I hope that’s what God fully intends as well.  I am so ready, in case you haven’t gotten the jist of that the last few posts!

Here’s a pic with my boys…2 days from 40 weeks.

And oh, I had just the absolute loveliest surprise from my friend Melissa {hi Mel!} who, believe it or not, ordered me that purse I was lusting after.

Made my DAY.  And it is everything and more than I expected it to be!  I have amazing friends!  My bestie in NM bought me a fossil purse last summer that I adore using, now Mel goes and purchases this for me…holy cow.  I have options, people.  Purse options.  My purses are normally like my jeans; I have one at a time until they are completely worn out, one way or another.  I am now 31 years old and have purse options.  {hugegrin}

Melissa is a fellow Hellp Momma; I’ll never forget reading her blog seeing her symptoms and going “woah girl!  you had Hellp Syndrome!”  Sure enough.  But we made it through with beautiful babies, didn’t we?  🙂

Honestly, not much more to report; this has been a week of waiting.  Wishing/hoping/praying my next post will include pictures of Luke!  Unless he pulls a Jack on me and decides to stick around a couple more weeks…