Yep, he’s stolen our hearts.  (Just like his big brothers…they are all pretty darn special!)

To say I have 3 wildly different birth stories is an understatement.  Ryan was my early/induction/c-section baby.  Jack was my 24-hour labor homebirth.  And Luke made his mark too…in grand fashion.

Friday night (August 5th) I started up contractions again (I had most of the week during the evenings, but they would peter out pretty quickly).  They lasted most of this night this time, but were pretty irregular; they got down to 7 minutes apart and then completely reversed themselves…then stopped.

Saturday evening they started once again; we decided to send the boys to Papa and Nonnie’s for a sleepover, just in case.  Pretty much the same story as Friday night; very irregular!  But then around 11 pm I had one hit that gave me pause; I asked Erick to call the hospital and ask their advice.  They said “come on in and we’ll see!”

We frantically finished filling up our hospital bags and hit the road for the 25 minute drive…and my contractions all but stopped.  HA.  I had a couple of minor ones, no biggie.  I was sure they’d send us home!  We arrived at midnight…were kind of lazily admitted because in truth, I really didn’t look like I was in labor.  I didn’t feel like it either.  BUT the nurse and resident doc checked my progress and I was at 4 cm…which was stay-worthy.  They called the doc and put him on alert, because I wasn’t in active labor and he probably wouldn’t be needed for awhile, especially since my labor with Jack was so long!

So, I don’t know, from about 1 to 2:15 I was in bed; had my iv put in so they could get the antibiotic drip going since I was gbs+.  My contractions were still irregular, and although painful, still manageable.  Once the antibiotic was finished, I got up to go to the bathroom, then came back in and decided to sit on the “peanut”.  It’s an excersize ball that is elongated; my nurse said the shape was to promote having the baby drop.  She asked my pain level; I gave her a 6, but said that they were feeling differently; closer together.  They were going to check my progress again at 3:30 am, but she left to go find another nurse to check it earlier.

After she left, I had two humdingers and started to shake a tiny bit; I could remember thinking that sometimes you get the shakes during transition…but no way I was there yet!  However, those two were so bad that I barely eeked out to Erick “go get the nurse!”  I had officially given myself permission to get the epidural; I had labored twice without meds.  This time I wanted some relief.

When the nurse came back in, she must of “read” the pain in my stance and I could hear her say “I think she is complete.  Call Dr. George!”

So the frantic rush ensued; they tried to get me on the bed and I kept saying “I can’t!”  Because truly, when you are back to back contracting, there isn’t a whole lot you can do.  And I was thinking “I delivered Jack standing up, can’t you just catch him?”  But I managed to crawl onto the bed, where my water burst broke, and then there was no stopping him.  And they are saying “DON’T PUSH!” and I’m saying “I can’t stop!” because, good grief, that’s something that you really don’t have much control over.  I gather that they set up just in time for the student doc to catch him as he practically flew out.  One and a half pushes and he was here.

Whew.  It was all kind of surreal to me; he was lying on my chest and I was thinking “what?  what just happened?”  Totally what I didn’t expect.  But I’m glad it happened that way.  🙂  My regular doc came rushing in in his t-shirt and shorts after all was said and done; he had to stitch me up because Luke, in true Jack fashion, came out with his hand next to his head.  And I’m dealing with the consequences once again…

Anyway, we’ll leave the hospital in the morning (or, by now, this morning…yep, it’s after midnight and I’m STILL awake; there is no sleeping for me in hospitals!)  Since I didn’t have the antibiotic running through my veins for the required amount of time, we had to stay for 48 hours as opposed to 24.  But Luke is doing great.  He was 6 pounds, 11 ounces and 21 inches long…born at 2:56 am on August 7th.

And we are in love.  What a gift!  It’s all come rushing back; the newborn smell, the little frog legs, the mewling cry, the funny faces they make in their sleep.

{He’s a keeper}