It’s been a week!

I have so many pictures, so many stories…this week has been jam packed with goodness.  I think I’ll just drag it out into a few posts so as not to overload this one.  🙂

To say I’m happy?  It’s an understatement.  I think I have Postpartum Euphoria!

I’ve always loved my babies, all of them.  Every experience has been unique, and I’ve never really had a hard time emotionally, but this time…I don’t have to leave a baby in the NICU for a month (Ryan), and my recovery has been 1000 times easier than it was with Jack.  Pain is hard!  No pain is easy!  And it’s not that I’ve been pain free, but right after I delivered Luke, the nurse asked me if I would like anything for pain relief and I said “Sock it to me, honey.”

All day Sunday and Monday I lived on a cocktail of T3 and high powered Motrin.  Which surprises even me; this all-natural girl.  When I left the hospital, it was with a prescription of Ibuprofen which I took round the clock until Thursday; my last pill was Thursday morning.  And y’all…geesh.  Take the drugs.  I don’t think my pain level ever really exceeded a 2 or 3.  When I had Jack, I wanted as little intervention as possible, so I pretty much lived with a pain level of 10+ for 2 straight weeks!  Horrors!

Now, I’m sure, my liver is screaming “ssssaaavvvveeee meeeee!  I’m melting!!!!!  Foreign invader overload!!!!!!!”  So I have been taking some dandelion root as well; it’s a great liver cleanser.  Hopefully that helps counteract the narcotics a bit.  😉

SO that’s just part of the ease of this new baby transition.  The other?  He’s just an easy baby.  And so gosh darn cute!  I’ve hardly been on the computer; my laundry load is seriously backing up, because I like to just look at him all day.  Cuddle him while he’s sleeping.  Nuzzle his little neck.

He sleeps fairly well; not like I’m not used to waking up with my two sleepwalkers.  😉  So it’s no big deal when he’s ready to eat; he gets a good meal in and konks right out again.

And the boys?  I’m just shocked and so pleased by them.  Ryan is a huge helper and comes over to kiss his little head whenever he passes by; Jack is so excited about him that he’s been asking “when are we going to have our 2nd baby?”  Ha!  He’s ready for number 4 right away!  And the other night we were over at my parents; Erick was holding Luke and Jack needed Daddy’s help.  So Erick says “Just let me give the baby to somebody” and Jack says “NO!!!!  Don’t GIVE him away, I just want somebody else to hold him for a minute!”

I’ve felt great this week; good enough to show Luke some of my favorite places; my bro and sis in law are in town so we went to Belfast on Friday and Wiscassett on Saturday.  Belfast was our first trip with all of the boys in the backseat; it’s do-able for now but boy are we ready for a mini-van!  3 growing boys aren’t going to last too too long back there together.  But we are snug and cozy for now, and it’s good.

A nurse from the hospital came by yesterday to check up on us; it’s a great little service they offer.  Luke weighed in at a whopping 6 pounds, 7 ounces; up 3 from when he left the hospital, so he’s doing great!  Eating well; he only really gets fussy if I can’t get a burp out of him right away.  Oh, and he’s into a eating, burping, hiccuping routine; this child gets the hiccups like crazy.

Alright; I need to tuck in for tonight.  I actually have some non-itouch photos to share with you, some stories of our travels and good times with the fam.  Those will be upcoming in the next week; too many memories I need to get down before they disappear!

Thanks so much for all of your well-wishes; they mean so much!  Truly!

Signing off,

one happy momma.