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Sooo very true! (click on the picture for the link; great etsy shop!)

Can I even catch up at this point?  It’s been a little over a week since my last post and I feel like we’ve packed a lifetime into it.  As for posting, when Luke is awake, there is no time for anything but him…and when he is asleep, my attention goes to the other boys or to the house…to prevent it from becoming a disaster area.  We’ve had some  practice with daddy being gone a couple of times already, and it’s actually been fine; I’ve been surprised at the amount of things I’ve been able to accomplish during naptime when I really set my mind to it!  So I have high hopes, or at least good intentions about how things will go when school starts up again next week.

As for the last couple of weeks, we’ve fit in family time with a visit from Uncle Danny and Aunt Caisee, and a trip to Belfast, Boothbay Harbor, and Wiscassett. (Luke has been quite the traveler already!) Erick also took Ry and Jack on a father/son camping trip and they had an absolute blast.  Such a memory maker; I’m hoping it will become an annual thing!  They met up with two of Erick’s great friends and their sons and did all sorts of boy things.

Alright, that’s a short summary; I’m also getting my artsy groove back and hope to share some projects with you if I can manage to fit them in when little man is sleeping.  I’m ready to start creating again!

Now for the pictures; first one just KILLS me.  I ordered the boys superhero getups and this pic, well, wow.  They are such goobers.  Jack’s face, Ryan’s mask; I’m dying.  Hilarious!

They want to wear them for Halloween which is a big fat score for me; they were 9 bucks a piece and now I’m all set super early.  Yay.

Camping and Canoeing; this place looks beautiful; hope they take me someday!

Loon family on the lake

Sleepy Wrap; lifesaver.  Kiddo loves it when we are out and about and it’s also great at home when I want to get chores done.

He’s still so tiny!  But huge feet, huge hands.  Eats like a horse.  I have a feeling he’s gonna be a tall one.

Passed right out in that last one.  Which is what I should be, right now.  It’s almost 10 pm and I’m due to be up a few times tonight. 😉

Catch you during a future nap time, once the dishes are done and the laundry is at a manageable stage!