Y’all, seriously, this is small beans.  Not just small beans…tiny beans.  Teeny tiny.  All together, maybe small, but separetly, tiny.

  • our dishwasher, we think, is toast for good.  who knows.  4 times, it has stopped and miraculously started again.  5th time was right before Luke was born…stopped and refused to start (period).  We ordered a new part for $30…it worked! Twice.  Do we hire someone to come fix it?  Or do we just get a new one?  Silly thing is 2 years old.
  • Same day it decided not to start, our lawn mower blade bent.  No lawn mower for now.
  • Our stove (which I love…she is an oldie but a goodie), is now minus 2 burners.  Here is a picture-I wonder how old she is?  I’ll miss her when she konks out for good.

  • And our fridge…she’s sweating.  On the outside.  That can’t be good, can it?  I wonder how old she is?

Crazy that my decades-old appliances are just now nearing the end of their life, while my 2 year old dishwasher has kicked the bucket already.  Oldies but goodies, I tell ya.

Anyway, I’ve decided that even if every appliance up and died on us, that could actually be a good thing!  I’d feed us multivitamins and peanut butter sandwiches.  Bright side? No cooking!  No cleaning!  No dishwashing!  It actually sounds amazing.  Truly.  Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of life minus appliances if Irene knocks out power; she’s due tonight.  We’ve already had a taste of her; today it will RAIN!  Then stop.  The RAIN!  Then stop.  Around 4 am Luke and I had a date on the porch swing; that seems to calm him down when he’s fussy.  It was beautiful, actually; the windows were open and it was sprinkling outside and it was so peaceful.  It’s coming down a little harder right now…

We’re stocked up on water and batteries and, yes, peanut butter and bread.  I’ve washed the dishes (blast hand-washing dishes!  My time could be put to such better use!) and I’ve washed our clothes (luckily, our washer and dryer are holding steady).  So we are in a clean house, ready to weather the storm.

Whew, here comes the rain again, full force!  Crazy.

Anyway, these tiny beanie weenie annoyances are truly no big deal; it’s so nice to be at a place in life where things just don’t bother you too much.  We’ll take care of them in time; we have a small emergency fund that we can dip into for the dishwasher.  That’s the most important appliance in my book.  🙂  If the fridge can hold out until winter…it could konk out then and we could set food on the porch.  😉  And I’m still not fully against my peanut butter and vitamins idea…we’ll see what my guys think of that.  Sure would free up my time!

Praying my friends in Irene’s path have fared well and will continue to do so until she wears herself out!