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Can you believe it?  I can’t!

I’m blessedly the only one up right now, Luke slept rather well last night.  The first two weeks of his life I thought I was going to have a fantastic sleeper…the last two weeks he has given me a run for my money. 🙂  Nothing out of the ordinary, though; just typical newborn up-every-two-hours stuff.  But last night he did great.  Up twice?  Three times?  The third time was 5 am something, so that hardly counts.  I have a bit of energy, so I’m on the porch with a cup of coffee, all by myself.  Nice.

It’s a beautiful morning; I’m wanting to take advantage of every last summer day!  While the majority of the country is ready for fall weather, this Maine summer has been so gorgeous that I want it to linger.  Dunkin’ Donuts has it’s Pumpkin line out, but as much as I love pumpkin, I just can’t quite go there.  Give me summer coconut for as long as possible!

Back to Luke; he is still in that eat/sleep/poop stage, although he is starting to stay awake longer during the day.  He is a bit fussy, and I’m relatively positive it’s boredom-fussiness.  He calms down on the porch swing, and especially on daddy’s shoulder-it’s like a magic trick!  Stick him on that broad shoulder and he immediately calms down.  He’s a mover…man.  He rolled from his belly to his back yesterday, and if you put him in his co-sleeper or the pack n play, give him a minute or two and he is at the opposite end; he can scootch over fast.  I’m not going to have a moments peace once he’s crawling!

Mom made him a quilt; I think I’ll take his monthly pictures on it; I wish I had taken monthly pictures with Ry and Jack.  I think we have 10,000 baby pictures of Ryan, probably 1/16th of that with Jack (poor second child!) but I’m determined to do a little better this time around, especially with the milestone months, just so we can see his progress.

Oh y’all, I’m really loving this.  For years after Jack, I was the mom who would look at other babies and say “Oh, how precious! {But I’m so glad I don’t have one myself!}”  I never had the baby bug…but part of me thought another would be nice, maybe.  I was VERY content with my two, especially recently seeing as though they were so independent and I was starting to have some me time back.  So seriously, I would tell God “Alright, I am NOT going to plan for a 3rd.  It’s gonna have to be ALL you!”  And boy, was it!  Shock of my life to see that positive line!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  🙂  Thank you, Lord.

Picture time.  See?  Sleepy most of the time.  And LOVES his pacifier; he’s my first child to really take to one. I did get one picture with, well, one eye open.  Maybe next month he’ll wake up a bit.

sleepy one eyed look!

And I have to share one of the big brothers; they like to have “sleepovers” in their bedroom; they have bunk beds, but on sleepover nights they share one of their beds.  Last night they slept in the living room, and although they started off separately, it appears that Jack wanted some company during the night, so he made his way over to Ry…

Crazy kids! I think Ryan was pretty surprised when he woke up.

Well, I started this post 14 hours ago; time to wrap it up and go to bed!  Oh, and I gave in…actually snagged a pumpkin muffin from DD today.  Not going there with coffee yet, but couldn’t resist the muffin.  😉  I’ll leave you with one more picture; found this on pinterest (couldn’t track down the original source), but I think I need to blow it up and hang it in my kitchen.  Makes me laugh!

Have a great week!