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First off, thanks for the rug advice; I was 99.9% positive that bigger was the way to go; the other teeny percent went woah!  Smaller would equal cheaper!  So I thought I’d throw that option out there.  🙂

However…one thing I think I’m going to do…per my grandma’s advice; is live without a rug for awhile.  It would open the space up, it would be free, I wouldn’t have to worry about my boys trashing it, and it would be one less thing to vacuum.  Sounds good to me!  A rug does cozy up a place though, and definitely lends visual interest, so I’ll just see how I like the rug-less look for awhile and then make my decision.  I’m designing a new coffee table that I’ll collaborate with my dad on; that might lend a bit of pop in place of the rug.

And you know what?  I’ve finally figured my living (and dining) room out.  I love color.  I have color popping up all over the place; here’s a hint of what’s in the living room…

It’s fun; color has always made me happy!

There’s a big but coming though.

I’ve always adored this little corner.  I sit on the couch and look over and it just calms me right down.  Soothes me.  And it’s the color scheme.  Nothing just pops out to me; it all kind of melds together I guess…even the graphic black and white posters don’t really knock me for a loop.

I love the black and brown and creams and whites and blues.  The brighter color stimulates me, which can be a good thing…but guess what?  I live in a house of constant action.  Loud, rowdy boys.  Sports, races, wrestling, hollering.  And I realized that when I look at the more neutral color palate, I just feel better.  My porch is full of color, and that doesn’t bother me; like Ryan says “it’s just like being in the great outdoors!” Bright color on the porch; awesome.  Inside, not so much.  Maybe at a different time of my life I’ll be able to live with it, but I just need less “noise”; and I can’t give my kids away!  Something’s gotta go.

Y’all, I can’t believe that I just came to this conclusion.  I always wondered why what I truly did like just wasn’t making me happy; but I’ve figured it out.

So…I’m starting a chair fund today. Going into my budget and taking 5 dollars here and there and getting that baby started.  Bye bye, yellow recliners.  Paintings will come down, and I’ll replace them with some black and white family pics.  I’ll spray paint the vases.  Remove the rug, switch out pillows.  For my mantle; I’m really excited; I came across the Martha Stewart tutorial for DIY mercury glass; I have plenty of glass containers floating around.  It’ll be a touch of “class”.

Yeah.  Just thinking about the changes de-stresses me to a HUGE degree; putting everything into action will make me one happy momma.

Anyone else have this problem?  You love something that just overwhelms you a bit?  You occasionally wish your children had a mute button so you could actually add a little color back into your life?  😉  I’d love to know I’m not the only one!