Had one of those insane mothering moments the other day.  Jack asked me a question, but I was preoccupied so instead of being fully engaged, I was on autopilot and replied with an “uh huh!” and went on my merry way…putting laundry up, changing a diaper; something of obvious greater importance than listening to my son.  Gah.  Turns out he asked “Isn’t styrofoam for taking apart?”  And it was one of those pieces that is made up of a billion tiny little balls…

Teeny tiny balls all over the place that are awesome at alluding your grasp/broom/vacuum.  20 years from now I’m going to find one hiding in a corner and I’ll say “remember when?!”


My boys are loud, dirty blurs.

Crazy amount of energy.  And Luke is a light sleeper.  {Fail}  I try to relegate them to the porch most days so they can actually act like little boys, loud and rowdy.  I’m going to have to stick a heater out there once the weather turns!


Luke turned 6 weeks yesterday…6 weeks!  Either he is an easier baby than my other two, or I’m just more experienced; I don’t know.  But this is fun, y’all.  He’s a gem.  The last 3 days he’s gotten all social on us and is smiling from ear to ear and trying to talk, I swear.  Cutest thing ever.  I finally wised up and bought the i touch out for some pictures today; it snaps faster than my camera does.  But it is still hard to catch those grins, as much as he does it these days!  I’ll have to try again later tonight.

One thing he does not like is the car seat.  No sir.  But we are getting a little better.  I try to time leaving the house as he falls asleep.  Hopefully as he grows he’ll decide that traveling Maine is his fate and he just has to accept it.  🙂  See his worried little brow?  And isn’t he still the tiniest little thing?  I didn’t think he was growing much, but then he met one of his little girlfriends on Saturday; another 6ish pounder at birth.  Brynn is 10 days old, and yeah, this kid has grown.  He’s not so pudgy; just long!

He’s slept for a few 5 hour stretches lately; much earlier than his big bros!  And it falls between 9 and 2 or so; well, last night was a bust but maybe we’ll get better tonight.   In the meantime, coffee is my friend.


We ordered a new dishwasher 2 weeks ago; tried like the dickens to make our other one work but it was going to cost too much to repair so we purchased a new one.  Had a call yesterday that it would be delivered Tuesday, had a call today that they weren’t quite sure when because it hadn’t arrived at the store on schedule.  Do they not realize I have hungry men in the house who go through dishes like mad?  And that using paper doesn’t seem to affect things much?  We had to use our snowblower fund to buy the new dishwasher; bless Erick’s heart.  A shovelin’ he’ll go this winter.  Dishwasher equals happy momma, happy momma equals happy house.  Shoveling is good excercise, anyway.  😉  By the time we finally get it we’ll have been without for a good 8 or 9 weeks.  I think I’ll kiss it when it comes.


Speaking of shoveling, we had to turn on the heat this week.  Sob!  But it’s gotten my creative juices flowing…the thought of an oil fund that needs some money.  So stay tuned; I’ve been working.  Hope to bulk up that particular fund so we don’t have to wear 3 sweaters a piece this winter.


Alright, this  momma needs to get the house cleaned before baby awakes.  I’ll check in again soon!