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Delicious.  Color.  Coloricious?

Did you know that West Elm collaborated with Benjamin Moore to come up with a line of paint colors? Have I been living under a rock? I’ve always loved Pottery Barn’s BM colors (or BM’s Pottery Barn colors, whatev) but wow, my as-of-late neutral loving soul is drooling over these colors…most of them are very restful to me.  I want them all…not on my walls at this point, but maybe to slap on all my furniture.  I started pinning them but just took screen shots instead to pop up here…

and oh my goodness gracious…check this out from the BM website!

One pint! I’ve painted entire pieces of furniture with 7 ounce samples before. that would be one happy mail day…especially with the free shipping on orders of 4 or more.  🙂

Happiness.  Coloriciousness.

You want to see another deliciousness?

My friend Amanda called me up and said “let me take pictures of your Luke” and I said “well ok!” and look what she did 🙂

Heavy on the droolworthy today!

When I came home from pictures with the Lukester, there was a package sitting on my doorstep.  In it were these…

totally unexpected!!  From a blog friendDeborah blew me away with her generosity!

In those were gifts for the boys;


Awesome book.  And the mitts were the icing on the cake!  After using them to tickle, Jack excitedly says “And we can use them as boxing gloves too!” {suchaboy}.

*oh my word!* just downloaded pictures of the boys with their gloves, my swirly whirl of death popped up on the computer, and the pics zipped right away! Like completely gone!

Arg!  Already deleted from the camera card too!  Well, take my word for it; they love them.  And are cute with them on!

There were also adorable, much needed clothes for the youngest…

AND something for myself!  Gorgeous, vintagey pink necklace and earrings that make me feel like a lovely lady when I wear them.  I’d retake the pictures, but the hour is late and the lighting is poor…and I want to get this published!  It’s just as well; the lighting was poor when I took them and I might of offended your eyeballs with fuzziness.

Deborah, my dear, you are a wonderful woman.  I’m so blessed to blog-know you. 🙂  I’ll retake the pictures for you tomorrow!

One more piece of lovely for your evening…I just made these.  It was a mistake.  Best. Ever. Cookies.

I think I might raid the fridge at midnight and finish the batch while no boys are looking…

Have a good weekend my friends!

Oh, HA!  Luke’s flailing arm just whacked the camera card downloader thingy that is still plugged in…and the pictures popped up!


flash awesomness...i'm such a pro photographer. : but aren't they pretty?

annnndddd the death whirl strikes again.  the clothes are great, I promise, but I’m done with swirly foolishness tonight.  I’m sure Luke will model them for the blog soon.