So. I was completely inspired by Kevin and Layla’s art months ago…

and finally got around to creating my own version!

Years ago, dad purchased some hardwood flooring from a beautiful old Maine farmhouse that was being torn down.  It’s been sitting around waiting for someone’s inspiration to strike, and mine finally did!  I do believe there is a market for this kind of thing; as I was working on my signs,  Ashley popped up one of her latest projects, and it just made me happy.  I have a tinier something like this that I’ll show you once it’s glued together; it was just nice to know that I’m on the same track of Ms. gonna be on Nate Berkus next week!!

Anyway, I recruited my models…and if you are interested in any of these, I’ll be selling them for $25.  {The signs, not the models! Although there are days…}  🙂 I have smaller signs that I’ll pop up soon and will cost even less; I sized both to fit in Priority Mail boxes; the large will mail for about $11. And a disclaimer; this is old, worn wood.  Still in incredible shape, but it’s only had a light sanding; I *wanted* all of the imperfections left; it’s like history to me.  Each little scratch and dot tells a story, and I like it that way.  The lettering is white; looks a little blue in these pictures.  But for now it’s straight up simple.

you can't beat Winnie the Pooh!

The last two are a couple of my favorites; when we lived in our first house, the first one became my mantra. (I googled it; I actually came up with an original, people!) Then again in this house; cracked plaster, scratched floors…just call it character, friends.  That could go for life in general too.

And of course I like this one…

I’m literally bursting with ideas…I have 3 more waiting in the wings that I’ll show you soon.  In a few short weeks I’m going to be able to make some pretty amazing font stencils…gosh, I’m excited. They each have a sawtooth hanger on the back, by the way.  I’d be more than happy to personalize them, too…your own phrase, your kids names, quotes, wedding dates, whatever.  If that’s something you’d like I’d just ask for an extra fee…we’ll say 5 bucks.  I really wanted to price these affordably, and this is a price that I can work into my budget, so I’m hoping it’s something you can work into yours!  The hardwood flooring isn’t going to last forever, though…so if these were to actually sell, I’d eventually move to using regular boards and the price might go up a bit if I have to start hunting down materials.

We work hard to stay out of debt, and because of that I am blessed to be able to stay home with my boys.  Although Erick’s teacher paycheck takes care of every neccesity, there are things that I’d love to be able to help out with.  Minivan fund, for instance.  And oil heating fund.  And darn it all, I’d love to have some nice post pregnancy clothes. 🙂  AND I’m so excited about Samaritan’s Purse this year; I want to do loads of Christmas Boxes and choose from the catalog.  I’m hoping this new venture can be a way to help out.

I’m not popping anything on a shop at the moment; I want to see how this goes first, so if you might be interested, just email me at mrsmurray16@hotmail.com.  I’ll also put them in a facebook album; you can friend me right here!

One more HUGE favor, if you don’t mind!  I don’t have a large readership on the blog; that was never really the intent.  So if you do know of someone who might be interested, would you mind passing this along?  I’d really appreciate it!

I’ll show you the signs one more time;

Have a lovely weekend friends!