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Sooo…I got it in my head to take some pictures a couple of days ago; don’t think I’ll use any of them because;

  1. We’ve got to discuss the “cheese” factor.  Ryan has a smile that will literally light up your life, but put him in front of a camera and it’s cheese all the way.
  2. My children need haircuts.  Badly.  Well, two out of three do.
  3. I brought out a blanket, thinking that having them lie down and coming at them from above would be the best bet.  But Luke was having NONE OF THAT, thankyouverymuch, so I had them sit up; but next time I’ll prop them right up next to the barn.
  4. there were literally masses of teeny tiny baby grasshoppers and mosquitos, so this lasted about 4 minutes.  We’ll wait for a non-buggy day and try again!

That said, they are kind of funny.  So I thought I’d share anyway.  🙂

hello Nonnie's hand!

Oye they crack me right up.  I love them so.

Since the “photo shoot”, Jack has asked 40 times a day to hold Luke.  He adores this kid…I can’t keep him away.  Mom asked Jack how many children he wanted to have of his own someday, (I’m thinking he’d say 3, or 5, something like that) and he pops out with  “a whole boatload!”  “Really?  A whole boatload?”  “No, a whole OCEANload!”  I believe it.  In the meantime, Luke is one lucky fella to have two such adoring brothers.

Totally random, but right after I fed Luke last night, around 11:30, I heard Jack talking gibberish, so I nudged Erick and asked him to go see what was up.  He goes in, and Ry starts talking…they are sleep walking/talking at the SAME TIME.  Normally it’s one or the other, but I had to get up out of bed and enjoy the show.  Mercy.   Ryan was walking in circles, Jack was speaking nonsense, it was hilarious.  If Luke follows in their footsteps, I’m never sleeping through the night again;  I’ve come to accept that.


One more thing; THANK you for your sweet words regarding my signs.  I’m having a ball, and I’m going to set up a little page on the blog about them.  I’m also rearranging the pricing a bit…so if you are interested but can’t afford one, I think you’ll like it.  I’ll give you more info in the next day or so!