Woah, warp speed, baby!  That’s what life is moving like lately, but I’m loving it.

I’m not quite finished with the blog redesign yet, but do you like how it’s turning out?  Huge, HUGE props to my brother who has patiently taken my fuzzy ideas and turned them into creative genius.  Would you like to see what I sent him for a header idea?

Yeah, I even sent it to him sideways, with a picture of my finest kind sign and he designed that beauty up top.  In like minutes.  He’s amazing and generous and wonderful; I love you brother.

Thanks to all of you who have ordered signs; you can’t imagine how much fun I’m having with this gig!  I’m getting ready to clear out a spot in my basement; I’ve been running over to mom and dad’s and taking advantage of my father’s kind services. 🙂  But we are going to set up shop here; it’ll be much easier!  Never in my life would I have thought I needed a “workshop”.  Craft room, yes, workshop no.  Now it’s the best of both worlds!

I have to share with you a happy accident; I think I’ll offer this option from here on out.  I was working on a custom order, and I only had 3 blank pieces of flooring cut to size.  I had 2 others, but they had “mistakes” on them; signs I’d started but messed up on.  So we power sanded the top layer off; later I went back and lightly power sanded the other 3 to make them all a little more cohesive.  And this is the result; I think it’s gorgeous!  Normally I just clean up the wood and lightly sand it, because I DO like the original patina.  But I think this is really, really nice as well!  I think it just depends on what works with each house; either the lighter of the power sand  or the darker of the original.

I very often end emails to the hubster with that phrase…so this is one of my faves.

Oh guys I have so many blog posts running through my brain; tomorrow my sweet mom in law is taking 2/3rds of my boys, so while the baby naps I’m going to get busy writing some posts!  I just happened upon a genius kitchen idea for our house…you’ll get to giggle at what we currently have.  I’m going to share some new family pictures, and also a great idea for making your own subway art.  Another happy accident.  That’s just to start.  I must get my life down in writing before I forget all of the goodness that has been happening lately!

Time to shower; the baby sleeps.  This will be my first in two days.  The life of a newborn mother. 🙂  It’s good though, very, very good.