Oh y’all I could just write forever today.  My mind is so full, and things have been so busy; life is rushin’ by to fast for me to write about it!  But the biggun’s are at Grammies today, and the little’n is currently swingin’ by my side.

Drat.  His eyes are open.

Ok, they’re closed again, whew, for the minute at least.  This swing is great; he starts to wake up and is like “woah…can’t.manage.it” and he’s lulled back to sleep again.  I’d try to put him in it at night, but would he get used to the swing, and then grow out of it, and have a hard time sleeping while he’s “still”?

Oh, there he goes, I think he’s up for good.  We’ll see what happens in the next minute or so; I might be coming back to this post later.  Yep, I’ll be coming back…


Alright, we’ll see how long this nap lasts!  Actually, I’m hoping for decent naps today, because when the boys are around, gosh y’all, I love that they love their brother, but it can be tiring at times.  Ry is pretty awesome, he gives him kisses and pats on the head but Jack is all over this kid.

“Can I hold him?  I want to hold him!”  (even when he is asleep; I literally have to keep an eagle eye on him so he won’t wake him up to “play”).  It’s an awesome problem to have.  But whew.  Maybe we can get some rest today.


Ok, if you live nearby, you might of heard a squeal from this general direction.  I was wandering down in our grody basement (GROW.DEE) trying to find a place to set up a  workshop.  And honestly, once we give it a good scrubbin’, it’s gonna be a great place to get things done.  So I’m peeking in corners and SQUEAL with delight and then SQUEAL because the light is dim and when I went to grab it I stuck my hand in a spiderweb.  Yah.  But just look!

I’m sharing it with you because when my husband comes home and I’m like “look at this” he’s gonna say “honey, it’s a basket” and I’m gonna say “but no, it’s a basket“.  A very cool vintage basket, that I’m assuming is from the old A&P grocery where Marietta’s husband worked.  Wherever it came from, I think it’s swell.  Like, the bees knees.  It’s a basket.  Anyone out there get me?


Ok, switching gears here again and then I’ll leave you alone for today.  When I was messing around with my new blog design, I was doing it on my old blog first, and I was reading through the posts, and I used to put so many things the kids said there.  I’ve kinda gotten out of the habit, which makes me sad, because they certainly have some funny things to say.  So I’m gonna hit you up with some pictures that Erick snapped in Target and a few kid sayings (I know, yawn for some, but I’m so very much going to forget this if I don’t get it down).

Ryan’s vocab is so large I just don’t even notice anymore, but one thing that sticks out to me is that he is literally going around narrarating life.  It’s something he’s always done; he’ll get on photobooth and just make movies.  Now he’s mobile and goes around with the camera commenting on what he sees; actually, he’ll walk around sans camera and just talk. and talk.  But it *always* starts out with “Hey, Kids!” and then he’ll delve into a topic like he’s the host of a tv show.  Hilarious.

Now this child…his vocab is growing steadily along; I have no idea where they pick this stuff up.  I was on the bed feeding little brother, and Jack comes in asking for assistance in getting his jeans zipped up.  I can’t, obviously, help at the moment because I can’t bend over, so he thinks for a minute then hops up on the bed and lies down next to me so I can help and gives me a grin and says “Aren’t I clever?”  So I try to help, but it’s still one-handed, so I’m not making much progress.  He gives it a go and is grunting and working hard and says “I am determined to get this up!”  That’s the second time I had heard him use determined;  awhile ago he and Ryan were dancing in the living room to some TobyMac.  And Ry just dances for the fun of it, with a big ol’ goofy grin; like I’m just loving life and who cares what I look like.  But it drives Jack crazy, because J is serious about his dancing y’all.  He is honestly really, really good.  And he gets frustrated and says “RY-AN!  You have to have a determined look on your face while you dance!”  LOL.

So I’m honestly thinking that if this kid follows along in his brother’s footsteps, in this picture he’s thinking “Why for art thou putting me in this car seat contraption again?”


Ok, no lie, it is 1:00 pm and it’s taken me 3 1/2 hours to write one post today.  So much for for good naps!

I’ll be back soon.  As can be.