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We had a great anniversary weekend!  This is the only picture I came away with; we made it as far as our credit union (2 minutes from the house) before Luke was like “get me out of here!  feed me!” so I did, and then we played pass the baby until he gave us a few good burps.

Then we were on our way, stopping every so often to let the kidlet stretch.  We ate in Portland, said hi to the boys (Mom and Dad took them to Portland for some fun), shopped a tiny bit, then made it to Kittery and tucked in for the night.  Sunday morning we hit up Ikea and Luke was great; stayed in the sleepy wrap and slept through the whole excursion.  We came home with some good finds, too!  A simple chandelier for our dining room, some plates, a couple of table runners; nothing that broke the bank.  Next year, hopefully, it can be just the two of us!  But this year was very nice.  I’ll show you some of what we bought in our dining room “reveal”, which I am VERY pumped about.  Everything’s a changing and it’s not going to cost much; I have quite a bit on hand.  And I was almost done with what I was originally working on!  Like 4 pictures away from finishing our gallery wall. Drat!  But that’s how I roll.

Have any of y’all had spitters?  I never even needed a burp cloth with Ry or Jack, but this child is like “oh momma, yum I love your milk, here you can have it right back!”  ARG!  OH the clothes we go through.  I read somewhere that it can peak around 2-4 months; I’m hoping we’ve reached that peak.  Messy. Baby.

and he still doesn’t sleep well.  Tired. Mama.

I just took pictures of our kitchen for a kitchen post.  Y’all are gonna laugh, and that’s ok, because I do too.  Until we can afford a remodel though, I’m kickin’ it with the original kitsch.

I re-read a little series I posted last year on how Erick and I met and fell in love.  It’s motivated me to continue the story; I’m eager to get started.

I think I’ve officially reached that horrified parent stage.  We always always listen to KLove.  {I double dog dare you to listen to it straight for a week, and just tell me you don’t feel a million times better.} They stream online and can be listened to in just about every area of the country.  Anyway, so we listen to said station, but the reception got a little fuzzy on our weekend drive, so we are flipping through the radio and I hear something about girls dancing on tables and throwing back shots, or something, and I give Erick an incredulous look and he’s like “honey, that’s just the tip of the iceberg” (He’s a high school teacher; he hears it all).  I have to tell you, I’m all for discerning adults listening to whatever they want to listen to {Imma not gonna listen to it}, but GEEZZZZZEEEEEEE y’all!  If it’s on the radio, kids are gonna hear it, and I’m just sad that our morals and modesty have pretty much hit rock bottom and our littles are so exposed to it.  Blah.


If any of you local ladies are free on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00, we are going to meet up at my place and just hang out.  Alot of us have kids in Awana at that time, but if you don’t and still want to come, please stop by!  Tonight is nothing much; I might just bake a brownie or two though.  But maybe we can use that time to do something else as well…craftiness or a movie or something; we’ll have to chat about it!

I just bought this.  Had an extra coupon so it was 20 smackers.  Makes me want to cuddle up in it and read a book.  Or go take it and lay it on the beach on an indian summer day; surely we have one or two of those left?  I think I’ll fold it up and put it in my basket when it’s not in use. 🙂

Signing off!