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Ok y’all.  My parents are crazy talented.  All of my life there has been something creative going on in the household, across a variety of mediums.  You name it, they’ve done it.  And done it well!

talented AND cute! and looking at that picture makes me want summer back.

Anyway, I’m over at their house on the big mamajamba mac, and dad’s background photo today is this…and now I’m rethinking my living room wall space.  I love it; the neutrality; and I wish you could see it as huge as I’m seeing it now, because the  detail is nuts.

They both take great pictures; I think most of these are dad’s right here.  And the pictures I’m posting are all SOOC’s…he has some great photoshop skills, but I don’t think he’s touched these up because they have no name…and his touch ups are usually named.  (I just now popped his name on the pics; don’t go stealing, ya hear?) This is just talent, that’s all.  And because he has such a fantastic array of photos that are doing nothing but sitting here on the hard drive looking pretty, I decided that I’d start sharing a few of them with you every once in awhile.  They are too good to just sit around un-appreciated.

I love me some foggy photos!  LOVE!

those are all in Camden, the next one is right down the street. It makes my heart pittah-patteh.

They might be pretty with some photoshop action going on, but honestly?  I think they are beautiful as-is.  And I’m now rearranging my living room.  Again.

Anyway, they are embarking on a new creative venture…one that is going to put them in business and on the map for good; I can’t wait to share some new creations with you.  I’ve a feeling it could be a business passed on to the grandkids someday.  {eek! excitement!} In the meantime, I don’t think they should quit taking pictures, do you?