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I’m generally a glass half full gal (I so know that bothers some people out there, take me or leave though, k?) but today’s glass started to drain rather quickly, I ain’t gonna lie.

This kid

kept me up a good portion of the night, as usual, and I had been up since, oh, 4 or so because he refused to go back in his bed…so I had him on one side and a Jack on the other who decided to delight us with his presence around 4:30, so I was {squished}.  Anyway.  Around 5 the Lukester decides to end his poop strike YAY! but it leaks everywhere BOO! And I kid you not, I was just eyeing the laundry pile in my closet thinking “Gosh I have a ton of laundry to do today, thank goodness I just did the sheets!” and he poops onto the flat sheet.  So I change him and kind of roll the poopy part of the sheet in on itself because I still have a bed full of sleeping men that I don’t want to disturb.  Then Luke decides to spit up, the cream of wheat kind of spit up (sorry for that mental image) and it all tumbles out everywhere and right onto the fitted sheet.  So much for just cleaning one sheet.

So I change the kid again and am feedling him and *diaper fail* he pees and it leaks.  Onto me.

So by this time he’s all “let’s get this day started!” and when he’s ready to move, don’t just sit there, ya gotta take him and move.  And I am exhausted, and I’m walking him around to keep him entertained and I’m seeing this mess.

and this mess.

and this mess.

and I would show you my kitchen and bathroom but then you’d run screaming for the hills, I don’t lie.

And I’m so tired from successive months (years, actually) of little sleep that my eyes are practically closing…example; yesterday Erick watched the boys so I could sneak down the street to watch The Help with mom, and my peepers were so fuzzy from sleepiness that it took a good 5 minutes to get the screen in focus.  Not bad eyesight, just tired eyesight!  But back to the story; I’m walking baby boy around and I look in the mirror and my hair is matted in spit up.  MATTED.  In Alot Of Spit-Up.  And I just crack right up.  One of the tricks that I keep up my sleeve for those CA-RANKY days is making ridiculous faces in the mirror.  And y’all, I looked ridiculous.  And God just somehow changed my cranky attitude.  And my momma bought me Dunkin Donuts.  And then the baby slept for an hour straight and I got myself busy, and cleaned up messes and started laundry and got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the dang bathroom floor.  I hate cleaning the dang bathroom anything, but it was nice, being productive.

It felt good.  Glass, refilled.  Sometimes all it takes is trusting in God’s good plan, despite the sleeplessness and mess, and working on your own cranky ‘tude.  ‘Cause I’d rather be half-full than an Eeyore. {No offense to the eeyore’s out there…but if it helps, this song certainly gets me through!}