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Nope, you don’t want to go there, not inside my head, because it would utterly confuse you; it does me, on a daily basis.  Pregnancy brain doesn’t leave, ever, and add that to the free spirit that I think I am and most days are just chaos in my noggin.  I’ve talked to my mom for YEARS about becoming organized.  Years!  I used to be, back in the day, when I was probably 10 years old…I really was.  But somewhere along the way I lost it and thought that flying by the seat of my pants was more fun.  All that to say, I made a to-do list on Sunday night and was pretty shocked at how much was on there, between daily chores and emails to return and signs to make and homeschool goals to meet, whew.  I make a list about once every 4 months and I LOVE it, checking things off makes me happy.  Maybe I should consider making a list every day. 🙂


Pictures taken with the ipod sent to Daddy at work to say We Love You!

Last week was a string of days exactly like my last post, thus the lack of posts, I’d imagine.  But I kept my chin up and we got through all right; funny story…I was at the grocery store a couple of weekends ago and saw a Huge Dove chocolate bar with Almonds, and thought to myself “Self, that could be your secret stash.  Sneak a little bite on the days when you need a pick-me-up!” So I bought it and stowed it away in my bedside table,  and then Tuesday, being quite the repeat of the Monday, Luke had finally fallen asleep after one of his mad rages  (does this once a day or so, just getting his emotions all out, but it can last a while and takes a toll on his momma).  Sorry for the run-on.  Anyway, he had fallen asleep while I was walking him around, and so as not to disturb him, I just sat on the bed and left him on my chest.  The olders were entertained with something or another, and I was exhausted, and I thought “Yes!  Your secret stash!  Just take a bite and you’ll feel better!” and I ate the entire thing.  We are talking like 4 Dove bars in one.  Haha.  {Stashes can be dangerous to sleep deprived mothers}.

Last Saturday was the church’s reformation faire; our alternative Halloween thing that we love, and the boys came home with 13! Pieces! Of! Candy! and they were so excited.  Then we let them go Trick or Treating on Monday night for the first time ever.  I can’t wait to go with them next year, strolling Luke around.  I stayed home this time because of his babyness and the fact that it was freezing outside.  Anyway, Erick said that this was their conversation after everything was said and done:

Ryan: “Wow, I bet I have 100 pieces of candy!”

Jack: “I bet I have a MILLION pieces of candy!”

Ryan: “Well realistically, I bet we have about 80 pieces”

Anyway, hilariously, Erick counts their candy when they get home, and sure enough, they each have 79 pieces.  Add that to the 11 pieces of candy that they have left from the fair, and I’m all “NO WAY do I want to deal with this much sugar in my children!” So we cut a deal (an idea borrowed from a friend, thank you Kathryn) and I let them buy a 10 dollar Wii game in exchange for all but 20 pieces of their candy.  They were so very willing to do that, which makes me sad that I didn’t ask for all but 5 pieces of their candy.  Shucks.  I chose 6 pieces from the 140 and sent the rest with Erick to work.  Should of saved more for my stash!

Yesterday was Jack’s birthday.  He’s the big number 5.

We had another family party; maybe next go-round we’ll hit the big time and invite friends.  I’ve loved getting away with simplicity so far, though.  He received a solar robot kit from Papa, Nonnie made him some Angry Birds, we bought him a movie, and Grammie bought him a transformer.  Those boys hopped out of bed this morning with so much enthusiasm…yay toys!

One more thing; hop on over and add your name into the pot for some free design services from Darlene.  Good giveaway, I’d say!  Oh, and I’m working on some new signs and will have them up this week, so check back…I’m excited about the newbies!