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It’s a beautiful fall morning here!  Frosty outside…had some pumpkin spice coffee and cinnamon rolls.  Perfect start to a Saturday.  I just popped my latest sign out of the clamps, so I’m ready to show you the new haul; I’d love some feedback.

This one explains itself…I think I might make one for our mantle.

Next up;  Horses and I…we have a complicated relationship.  I love them, they make me sneeze.  Ugh.  My grandpa used to be in the horse biz, but it was before I was born, so I never really grew up around them.  Didn’t alter my fascination with them, though!  I took a horsemanship class in college so I could get up close and personal and that was the beginning and the end.  I tried to hang in there, but after 5 classes I had to come to terms with the fact that my sinuses would probably always rebel.  There go my dreams of galloping across the prairie on my trusty steed!  This one is in honor of Coffee Pot, my short-term gentle friend.  For my equine-loving friends, is this guy alright?  Are there any tweaks you would suggest?  I’ve stared at him ’til I’m cross-eyed.  I would love it if you had some feedback for me.

Have you heard the Courageous Song?  I’ll pop the video up if you haven’t.  I love the chorus; it’s Micah 6:8.  Great way to learn scripture, having it run through your head all day!

Time to get this day officially started!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend, friends!!