One Month…

3 Months…

Yeah, totally skipped two months.  How hard it is to take a picture of a baby on a blanket anyway?  For me, apparently, very hard.

Funny, when he was 5, 6 weeks old, I’m thinking “So, I hear your baby-friends are smiling Luke.  Just give me a genuine smile!  And LOOK right at me, for goodness sakes!”  And then he took off, fast.  He’s been giggling for a month straight and we have grand conversations.  He’s interested in everything.  He doesn’t want to stay still (lovely).  He’s still up quite a bit at night.  He wears me out.  I love him utterly.

New post coming soon!  I was going to make this a long one, but I hear the above-mentioned waking up, so more coming in the next day or two!