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  • I think I’m having some kind of seasonal identity crisis.  This week we traveled to Belfast on a beautiful Indian Summer day; the birds were singing, the water was sparkling blue, the weather was amazing.  But I’m kind of in a Holiday mood; my body doesn’t know what to do with itself.  I’m trying to embrace the Holiday because I know the nice weather won’t last; I’m listening to Christmas Bing Crosby as I type.  Of course I didn’t take my camera along-such a shame!!  These are a couple from our last visit a month or so ago.  It’s so artsy.

  • I’m busy making signs!  Just so you know, my new batch of flooring is different, so I’m going to have to get creative with the lettering.  But I love a good challenge! If you order by November 14th, a significant portion of the funds will go to make Christmas Boxes.  I want to put together as many as possible.  THANK YOU for making this happen!
  • I received some large black and white photographs of the boys, so I’m on my first step towards living room redecoration.  Excitement!  Oh, how I wish I had more time in the day to get things done!  I’m going to do something to the curtains…probably something in blue.  I can’t let color go completely, so I think the living room will be creams and whites and browns and blacks and punches of blue.  The prints are 16 x 20…bought them through Shutterfly on a 50% off sale for 9 bucks a piece.  Had the frame, and my dad actually had the mat board AND a mat cutter to cut it with!  Parents can come in so handy! 🙂  (The mat looks pink on my monitor.  It’s not!)

  • I’m going through a hot internal debate on whether or not to switch rooms with the kiddos.  It’s probably a given; three growing boys compared to the two of us, but it’s still hard; this is the largest room and closet that we’ve enjoyed since our wedding.  We’ll downsize significantly if we make the switch, but I think I’m coming up with some good ideas for both of the rooms when we transfer (it’s pretty much inevitable at this point).  I’m going to post about it and would love your thoughts.
  • My Big Fear about having 3 kiddos was sickness…times three.  It happened!  Last Saturday night it was the Perfect Storm of colds.  At least it was just the cold thing, but boy, it kept us hopping the entire night.
  • Mt. Laundry struck; if I miss a day I’m sunk.  My laundry condolences to families of more than 3 children!
  • My mom is watching the two olders, and Ry just called to tell me he is “making books for people who don’t have any books or libraries to go to!!!!!!!!!!!”  He was stumbling over his words; couldn’t get them out fast enough he was so excited.  Kid is going to be an author someday, I’m sure of it.
  • Spam cracks me up.  This was the latest spammer comment…  “Intimately, the publish is in reality the greatest on this useful theme. I agree along with your conclusions and can thirstily glimpse forward to your incoming updates. Just stating many thanks will never just be ample, for that fantasti c lucidity in the creating. I will promptly grab your rss feed to stay knowledgeable of any updates. car insurance”  Haha!!!
  • Please go and read my friend Diane’s blogs.  Little background; when the earthquake in Haiti hit, my mind instantaneously went in 3 different directions.  To our Compassion Child Magdaline (damaged house, but her family survived).  To our friend’s precious children in Port-Au-Prince at an Orphanage (they were able to come home sooner due to the earthquake, praise GOD) and to Diane, who was a nurse in Haiti at the time.  A nurse.  During the earthquake.  Boy did she have some amazing blog posts during that ordeal!  Anyway, since she is back stateside, she’s picked up blogging again; I love her posts.  Love them! You can read about her life here.  She and her hubby have also started an awesome blog called Marriage on a Budget.  They are both well worth reading.  Go say hi!!
  • PS…gonna wait a little longer before I start up with the Christmas Music again.  Love it, but don’t want to over-do it.  Can’t believe I’m saying that!  And today was another beauty.  Would love for it to continue and be all summery for the next month.  Just. Can’t. Let. It. Go!