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I added Pixie Dust to a sign yesterday…and I liked it!  I need more Pixie Dust Projects.  It’s pretty sparkly; hard to tell in the picture.  Ah, sparkles. 🙂

This is just a smattering of some custom orders I finished this weekend; just a few, because I didn’t meet my goal.  I was given some creative free-reign, and I had so much fun thinking up the designs! I had 9 to do and thought it would be easy-peasy (3 Friday, 3 Saturday, 3 Sunday) but I was in the midst of a wicked case of Pink Eye (pink eye? I’ve NEVER had that!  My boys got it too, but it disappeared easily for them, whilst I’m not only still semi-dealing with it, but it’s in BOTH eyes…ahhh!)  Back to my original thought; because I was having a hard time actually seeing my work, my mom volunteered to help.  And she’s staying on!  She’s hired! I love it!  I had a concept in mind for the Peter Pan sign; had even started the first couple of lines, but couldn’t finish.  So she wrapped it up for me and then suggested the pixie dust.  (She’s so good at the details!)

Speaking of love; that was on the docket for this weekend!  So Great!

This sign’s saying/design was inspired by Laura’s awesome project…

Custom is fun.  Very fun.

The whole sign business has been amazing; I’ve gotten a steady 2-3 orders per week, but then had a little than higher average order week last week.  And honestly?  I can’t handle it all by myself.  My mom and I have always had a dream of doing something together, and this is just perfect.  I have some thoughts of doing something a little more; I have to get it all sorted out in my head though.  {I can’t stand ambiguity, can you?}.  Will you pray for me?  It would be so appreciated.  I want my desires to match God’s will for my life, so I’m praying for just that.  That He would take this where He wants it to go.  Thanks, guys.

OH. MY. WORD. TIMES A THOUSAND.  Off subject, but remember this dream I posted about awhile ago?  On a whim I just checked the realty site, and look at that price!  Out of my range, but pretty good right?  By the way, this has nothing to do with what I hinted about above, but wow.  Someone needs to snatch that place UP.  And give it to me.  🙂

Breakfast time!  Must eat before baby awakes.  Have a good day, friends!