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It’s a snowy day here today; I’m so glad!  It’s put me in the holiday mood; I even whipped up a batch of cookies…and forgot the salt.  Fail.  My mind is swirling in so many directions these days!

One of those directions has been thinking up ideas for my parent’s new venture; just take a look at their first go-round!  I’m so excited!  The tags were created when a batch of blanks were cut a bit small for the bookmarks.  I think they are genius though.  And eventually maybe even engraved with different fonts…even 2 or 3 inches high; so many options!  Right now, though, I’m geek-ing out a little over these little darlings.

So many ideas!  Gift tags, scrap booking, art!  They’ve sold quite a few already; one customer bought enough to spell out her kids names and put them on gifts as part of the packaging; afterward they’ll incorporate them into art projects.

Aren’t those bags great?  Mom just whipped up a batch for unique Christmas packaging; the gift that keeps on giving.  I think she’s selling those for $7; another idea was to fill them up with pine cones for kindling. I think they look pretty just sitting there. 🙂

Those numbers up there?  Love.  So much love.

And we can’t forget the original idea; the one that led to the tags; these are amazing, too!

Endless Options, people!  I love everything so much!  They are going to put them in a little craft show the day after Thanksgiving, but they are more than willing to sell through this ol’ blog, too.  If you are interested in anything, please let them know!  Remember; tags, .50, bookmarks, $4 in stock or $5 for custom, and bags are $7. They are Mark and Susan, and their email address is schumpert50@msn.com.  Great thing about everything above is shipping is cheap!  Good stocking stuffers, right?

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving; I’m working on a gratitude post that I’ll hopefully get up here sometime this week.  I can’t wait to let you know the outcome of the Christmas Boxes, all because of your sign orders.  Y’all are just amazing.

Cozy up tonight and listen to some Christmas Music this week! And eat well, of course.  Be Blessed!