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What I’m thankful for…

  • I was looking through old photos; he was my baby last Christmas!

Not anymore! So grateful for unexpected gifts.  (Especially when those gifts are super giggly, and take long, glorious naps during the day) 🙂

  • Thanks to your sign orders, we were able to haul some boxes to the church last week; it’s a fuzzy photo; had a squiggly darling in my arms; sorry about that.  Y’all are the greatest!

  • Postpartum hair loss is in full swing.  GAH.  So thankful that I have the knowledge that as soon as I think I’m going to be completely bald, my hair will start to grow back. *Whew*
  • Thankful for silly, wonderful and sometimes exasperating boys.  Y’all know my kids aren’t angels.  But sometimes they just make me so happy.  Ryan had to draw a picture of a great thing in his life; he drew himself and Luke.  And Jack was trying to console a very unhappy baby the other day…while Luke was screaming, Jack asked me what the biggest number was.  When I told him it was a google, he said “Well then I want a google babies!”  Bless him.  And his future wife. 🙂
  • Thankful for white Christmas lights.  The boys wanted to decorate last week; I just wasn’t too into it, but we went for it anyway.  I did the tree up in white and silver, and haven’t turned the lights off yet {yikes, electric bill!} but they make me happy, they do. I’ll have to post a better picture…

  • Thankful for a husband who works so hard.  Finished his Masters.  Defeated a heart infection.  Nabbed a new position at his school (teaching History…what he actually went to school for and got his degree in 6 years ago!)  Is a great husband and father.  And cook.  And DIY’er.  And most assuredly thankful to God who gives him the strength to do it all.
  • Thankful to my parents and my mother-in-law, all of who are incredible help in every aspect of my life and who I appreciate more than I could ever let them know.
  • Thankful to the blogging world, which is probably a stay-at-home mom’s best friend.  The friendships I’ve made and the inspiration I’ve found are priceless.  Thankful that y’all stick with me even though I sometimes go through blogging famines!
  • Most thankful to God, who gives me grace and supernatural strength to make it through each day, despite a lack of decent shut-eye.  And the opportunities He has brought my way.  Thank Him through the good times, friends.  And the bad.  Our pastor preached a sermon on thankfulness Sunday; it was soooo good.  One sticking point was that the practice of gratitude will lead to contentment.  That is so very, very true.

I’ll be back, sooner than later, I hope.  More pictures, more shop news.  Have a great week friends!