Baby is asleep for the moment; I’m snacking on my pomegranate seeds, staring at my lovely Christmas tree, all to the background of…football noise.  Sigh.  Such is life with boys!  I must admit to occasionally popping over to mom and dad’s home for some peace and quiet!  Classical music, clean house; it’s pretty awesome over there when I get a bit overwhelmed over here in this wonderful, silly house.

Wanted to share another of dad’s beauties with you; this was Manson Park (in our little town) last year.

Also!  A sweet, darling woman named Susan contacted me a bit ago about giving her our “how we met” story; it took me ages but I finally wrote it and sent it off.  It’s up this week; you can read a brief version of our story over at her blog!

And a little shop news; it was an exciting week last week; lots of hard work!  I’m changing things up; I’d give you the details right now, but I’m waiting for some wood to dry so I can pop a new sample up for you.  A few price changes, new wood, etc; it’ll be the very next post, I assure you.  I know some of you are waiting for examples of the new stuff; so sorry it’s taken me awhile.  I’m hoping for the best, that I can have a post up by tomorrow afternoon.

Have a great week ahead, friends!