Oh my word.  There are so many places to put your money!  SO many!  I could make this post a mile long, but I’m going to limit it to three “causes” that are near and dear.

Last year, Cliff’s story was such an eye opener, and the funds that were raised for his adoption helped him to get home.  This year, it’s all about Xander! Help a precious baby get home?

A sweet couple in our town adopted two kiddos from Haiti, and our church has supported the Orphanage since.  I received the latest newsletter this week; I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind me getting the word out about some of their needs!  This is long, but important. Please take a few minutes to read through!



Always be joyful.  Keep on praying.  No matter what happens, always be thankful,

for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.  I Thessalonians 5:16-18

It was easy to be joyful, to pray, and to be thankful as we recently welcomed baby Drake William into the world as a healthy newborn baby boy.  A few days later, it was much harder to be joyful and thankful as we battled an electrical fire in the baby and girl’s home. However, as flames came out of the light socket and wall switch plates, the praying was easy.  When the fire was out, we were joyful that no one was injured and thankful that our concrete home didn’t burn (just some of the wiring).  We were also thankful for Hal’s experience working with electricity and as a fireman.  Just a reminder for everyone to thank God for their local fire departments…

As we celebrated Thanksgiving and continue to count our blessings daily, it is time to move into the advent season, and we have much to celebrate!  God has sent us many new babies in the past month, and as I held tiny baby Brandon Joseph (4 lbs. when he came a few weeks ago), it helps me understand the reality of Jesus Christ coming to earth as an innocent infant.   Brandon was born to a mother who died from eclampsia the day after his birth. The mother’s cousin kept the baby alive by feeding him cookies soaked in water, because she had no money to buy milk for him.  She tried to leave the baby at a hospital, and they referred her to HIS Home.  While we were checking the baby, a pregnant momma stopped to ask if we would be able to accept her baby which is due soon.  An hour later, while we were registering Brandon at the social service office, the social service staff  handed me another abandoned baby.  Five month old Rose Berlica was left in a hospital. We currently have 21 babies that are under 2 years of age.  As you can imagine, that requires a lot of baby formula!  If you are interested in helping provide formula for our babies, there is a link called “Milk Money” on our website with information about how you can help!  What an opportunity to celebrate the birth of Christ by caring for HIS babies!  Drake, Brandon, Rose Berlica, and all of their nursery friends will be thankful and joyful!!!

If you are interested in regular updates about HIS Home Happenings, join us on Facebook.  The HIS Home For Children website (www.hishomeforchildren.com) has a link to help you get connected and stay informed about things happening in Haiti at HIS Home.  Be sure to listen to the Christmas music from the children of HIS home!


In October we hosted a team from Seattle, Washington who came to install a new playground.  The kids watched with great anticipation as the playground developed. Once the paint was on and almost dry, the gate opened and kids scattered everywhere to be the first to try out the new swings, slides, merry-go-round, and teeter-totter.  Safely enclosed in a fence and in the shade of palm trees, 60-80 children play daily, with the side benefit that many of the children have physical needs, and their bodies are strengthened as they play.  Thanks Jill and friends!!!

In the past nine years since the opening of HIS Home, hundreds of children have found safety, food, shelter, love, and Jesus here.  Hundreds have also been adopted into Christian families through our adoption program. It has been a joy for us to watch children blossom!  Not a week goes by that we are not contacted by the social service agency, hospitals, neighbors, friends from church, or other contacts asking for our assistance with children.  We have known from the time God called us into this ministry that it was God’s plan for HIS Home to be a sanctuary for God’s children.  Right now we have 130 children living in our three homes.  Many have been rescued from violence, slavery, abandonment on the streets or in hospitals, or from the trash. Others have been abandoned at the social service office by parents who can no longer provide basic necessities.  We have always depended on God to supply the funds to continue this ministry, and that has not changed.  God is our provider. However, right now HIS Home For Children has reached a critical state financially.  Donations in the past year have dropped as the economy has affected donors, and our expenses of caring for the children have escalated.  As we are getting deeper in debt, we have come to a point that we must either get caught up or we must begin making cutbacks.  In many fields, cutbacks are a simple business transaction.  At HIS Home, that means children would need to be returned to where they came from, staff would lose jobs, and we would need to consider closing parts of the program.  These changes are life and death decisions for babies, toddlers, and children. We are asking for your help.  We need Christians to be praying, sharing our need with friends, and considering what God might have you do to help keep HIS Home open to care for God’s children.  We currently have 37 paid Haitian staff who help care for the needs of the children.  They are behind on payroll, and their families are affected.  The staff have continued to work, knowing that we must all pray harder.  HIS Home has always tried to be transparent in sharing our needs.  Our supporters have always been great at sending supplies, sponsoring children, donating, and coming to work along side us.  We would never be able to care for so many needy children without your help.  If we do not share this need with you, we would be dishonest by making it sound like everything is running smoothly.  Living in Haiti right now is very dangerous.  Armed robberies, kidnappings, and violence are out of control.  Just a couple weeks ago, as Junior (our assistant director), was driving downtown with a security guard and two children in the car,  the body of a man who had just been shot fell into the side of our car. The gunman ran up to the man, shot him again, stole his necklace and wallet, and disappeared into the tent city.  Our car now has a dent in the door where the bullet hit.  Unrest is everywhere.  It is easy to get discouraged, especially when the financial struggles intensify daily.  I want to say how much we appreciate the encouragement we receive from many of you!!!  In reading Psalm 91, I was reminded that our enemy wants to discourage us and see us close HIS Home so that he can score a victory, but we know that God is our provider, sustainer, and protector.  We are thankful for everything that God has done to keep HIS Home available to care for the children here, and we ask that you will be praying with us as we continue to do what God has called us to do in Haiti.  Please ask God to see us through these tough times, so that we do not have to risk the lives of children by sending them back into dangerous situations.  Every child is loved here, and it is hard to even think about sending any away.  However, we must also pay our staff to continue working, buy food ($3000 per week), and pay for utilities, fuel expenses, etc.  Thank you for your prayers!!!

As we look forward to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, we would like to take this time to wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year!!!

In His Love,   Hal and Chris Nungester and everyone at HIS Home

Last, but not least; a great way to shop and support some amazing women.  Have you ever perused the Noonday Collection?  I love the story, I love how this all began.  Someday, if I can learn to be stylish :), I’d love to be an ambassador.

A HUGE thanks to Holly Mathis, who included me in her gift list; what an honor!  A portion of my sign proceeds will be going to Xander and His Home, and I have to admit, momma is going to buy some pretties from Noonday.  Please consider these causes this month (and beyond)!